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Miss Claridge was a former pre-school teacher at South Park Elementary, and was first seen in the Season Eight episode, "Pre-School".


Miss Claridge was severely disabled and covered in burns after a fire broke out in the pre-school classroom at South Park Elementary. The fire was started when the boys wanted to play "fireman" and asked the "toughest, baddest kid in pre-school", Trent Boyett, to start a fire for them. In spite of the boys' efforts to extinguish the fire (by urinating on it), the fire grew out of control and nearly killed Miss Claridge. Miss Claridge survived, but was so badly injured that she had to be placed on a modern chair which very much resembles that of Capt. Christopher Pike in the original Star Trek episode "The Menagerie". Miss Claridge cannot speak, and can only communicate by activating the lights and beeps in her wheelchair. If it lights and beeps once it means "yes" and twice means "no." It is not clear how Miss Claridge can function as a teacher if she can only communicate "yes" and "no."

The boys denied all culpability for the fire, resulting in Trent Boyett being sent to Juvenile Hall for five years. One day, Miss Claridge's wheelchair ran out of power in the middle of the road where the boys found her. Seeking to escape Trent Boyett who has been released from Juvenile Hall, they appeal to Stan's older sister, Shelly Marsh, for protection. Shelly agrees, but only if the boys confess to Miss Claridge their role in the fire. As the boys start to confess to her, Trent Boyett arrives and confronts the boys. Cartman tries to stop him with his mother's taser gun but it accidentally shoots Miss Claridge. It overcharges her wheelchair which spins out of control and crashes into a propane shop which blows up and sets her on fire. After crashing into a pet shop and getting attacked by cats, Miss Claridge hits a fire hydrant putting the flames out. The police arrive and ask if Trent injured Miss Claridge. She replies "no" with two beeps but the police mistake it for "yes, yes" and arrest Trent. Miss Claridge appears briefly in two other episodes: "The Death of Eric Cartman", where Cartman, in his efforts to atone for his life's misdeeds, gives her a fruit basket, and "Erection Day" where Miss Claridge could be seen watching Jimmy perform his stand-up comedy.

A new preschool teacher is seen in "Member Berries", suggesting that Miss Claridge is no longer with the school.


Miss Claridge had long, light brown hair with a purple headband. She wore a pink shirt with a white shirt beneath, a purple dress with a flower on the left side, and a purple belt on the waist. Miss Claridge also wore gold earrings (similar to Alexis Testaburger's). After the fire, she is in her electric wheelchair which resembles Capt. Christopher Pike's wheelchair from the original Star Trek episode "The Menagerie".


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