Miss Applegate first appeared in the Season 18 episode, "Handicar". Where she acts as the passenger that drivers would have to keep in their car to win the race.


Miss Applegate later appears in "PC Principal Final Justice", where she is seen with the other happy citizens at Jimbo's Guns, here she is called "Mrs. Farnickle" by Jimbo while she buys a pistol. It is possible that the animators had forgotten what the real Mrs. Farnickle looked like, and accidentally took Miss Applegate's character model to act as Mrs. Farnickle.


Miss Applegate wears a dark blue sweater under a pink jacket with white buttons, beige pants and black shoes. She has combed white hair and gray eyebrows, she also has many wrinkles on her face and is seen wearing two small gold earrings.

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