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Mintberry Crunch is the superhero alter-ego of Bradley Biggle. He is a member of the superhero group Coon and Friends. Crunch plays a significant role in the episode "Coon vs. Coon & Friends".



In the Superhero Arc, Mintberry Crunch is a member of Coon and Friends, a superhero group led by the Coon. He initially appears to be an entirely ineffectual member of the group, with the powers of a breakfast cereal mascot, to the confusion of the other members. In "Coon 2: Hindsight", the Coon brutally assaults Mintberry Crunch and Mosquito in an attempt to consolidate his influence in the group. However, he is unanimously voted out of the group instead.

Coon and Friends bear witness to Cthulhu.

In "Coon vs. Coon & Friends", as the group is congregated in the basement of Cartman's house, Cartman returns home and lures them out with the promise of witnessing a "double rainbow". However, it is revealed that Cthulhu, recently released from an inter-dimensional portal in the Gulf of Mexico, is working for Cartman. At the sight of Cthulhu, Mintberry Crunch quickly runs away, leaving the other Coon and Friends to deal with the problem themselves. Having escaped from danger, he returns home to "heroically" watch Judge Judy, while the other members of the group are sent to an alternate dimension by Cthulhu.

Meanwhile, after successfully escaping the pocket dimension by committing suicide, Mysterion visits Bradley's sister and her friends, the Goth Kids. Bradley unexpectedly finds him in Henrietta's room when he asks to play with her and her friends. Upon seeing Mysterion, Bradley re-adopts his superhero persona and joins Mysterion in his quest to stop Cthulhu and find out how mint and berries came together to deliver full flavor in an intense crunch.

Gokzarah's real father, from the planet Kokujon, explains Mintberry Crunch's true origin.

As Mysterion confronts Cthulhu, a bright light unexpectedly appears and a holographic representation of an alien begins to explain the shocking truth of Mintberry Crunch's origin. The alien man reveals that Bradley's true name is Gokzarah, and that he was originally from the planet Kokujon. The alien man then implores him to use his powers to save the Earth. Following this revelation, Mintberry Crunch begins to manifest real superpowers, and uses them to defeat Cthulhu and save the other members of Coon and Friends from R'lyeh.

At the conclusion of the arc, Mintberry Crunch announces that he must go out into the universe in order to find answers to the many questions that remain, and leaves in a flash of light and cereal, promising to return someday.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Mintberry Crunch returns as an ally in Bring the Crunch alongside Fastpass, Doctor Timothy, Professor Chaos, and The New Kid to investigate the disappearance of the Lake Tardicaca camp counselors. After fighting some costumed criminals hired by Nathan and Mimsy, an alien enemy named Zarganor arrives at the camp after following Mintberry Crunch's mint trail across the galaxy, he kidnaps the last counselor. He then deceives The New Kid into delivering him skim milk - Mintberry Crunch's weakness, to give him his powers. Next he begins mind controlling Doctor Timothy's powers to cause chaos to the camp. After being defeated, Mintberry Crunch explains that Zarganor's family were once slaves to his family on his home planet, having to work in the berry mines and harvesting cotton berries, which fueled the hatred of Zarganor's species toward's Mintberry Crunch's freedom. He then departs to his home world.


Bradley Biggle, Mintberry Crunch's real identity.

His true identity is revealed in the episode "Coon vs. Coon & Friends". Crunch is actually an alien from a faraway planet: Kokujon, known throughout the universe for its berry mines - berries that have the power to fuel nearly anything. In a holographic message from his extraterrestrial father, Crunch learns that his name is actually Gokzarah and he was sent to earth to stop evil from taking over Earth. His power of mint and berries ("yet with a tasty, satisfying crunch") are the result of a collision between his home planet and the world of intense mint flavor.


Mintberry Crunch has blond, bowl-cut hair. He wears a cyan t-shirt with three pink berries and a green, pointed leaf presumably painted, airbrushed, or stuck on. He also wears gray pants that are presumably painted or airbrushed green on the left side. His left sleeve has several (presumably) fake, green leaves protruding from it. He wears black shoes, however, one of his shoes is covered by a green, leaf-like article of clothing. Half of Mintberry Crunch's face is (presumably) painted to resemble a pink berry. He also has a black stem protruding from the top center of his head. In place of paint, he may be wearing part of a mask to cover his face, however, it's lack of movement when he moves hints that it may be painted on, although this could be attributed to South Park's simple style of animation.


Mintberry Crunch was cowardly before realizing he had actual superpowers, even peeing his pants when Mysterion tried to convince Coon and Friends that he had actual superpowers. After he learned he had actual superpowers, he became extremely heroic as well as brave, even confronting Cthulhu without hesitation.

Powers and Abilities

Bradley Biggle transforms into Mintberry Crunch by spinning in place and saying "Shablagoo!!" His power is stated to be the "the power of mint and berries, yet with a satisfying, tasty crunch!" Being one of only two members of Coon and Friends to have actual superpowers, his power manifests as the power of flight, super strength and the ability to wield mint and berries as weapons. He is also shown to be able to create large pink bubbles which can protect the objects inside.

Video Games

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Mintberry Crunch is only available in the Bring the Crunch DLC.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Superhero
Mintberry Crunch Information
Portrait mintberrycrunch.png Class Breakfast Elementalist
Health Stats mc health.png
Move Stats mc movement.png 3
Description Wielding otherworldly powers, resident alien Bradley Biggle serves the battlefield with a balanced breakfast of enlivening Mint and debilitating Berry, topping evil with a satisfying crunch.
List of abilities
Ability Range Attribute Effect Status
Mintberrycrunch power4.png
Bringing the Crunch
Mint all allies, damage and Berry all foes.
Roomwide.png Stats mc nondmg.png

455% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

350% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

262.5% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

210% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

Icon berry.png Berry
Icon mint.png Mint
Mintberrycrunch power1a.png
Mint Launch
Cleanse & Mint allies, take flight.
Aoe square heal.png Stats mc nondmg.png
Removes debuffs from all allies Icon mint.png Mint
Mintberrycrunch power1b.png
Berry Land
Land anywhere, damage and Berry foes.
1 range cross.png Stats mc brawn.png

227.5% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

175% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

131.25% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

105% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

Icon berry.png Berry
Mintberrycrunch power2.png
Berry Blast
Deal damage, Berry, and knockback.
Multilane.png Stats mc brawn.png

130% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

100% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

75% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

60% Damage
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"

Icon berry.png Berry
Mintberrycrunch power3.png
Flavor Burst
Cleanse & Mint allies, Berry foes.
Lobbed dualpowertarget wide.png Stats mc nondmg.png
Removes debuffs from all allies
Enemies unable to damage allies with "Mint"
Icon berry.png Berry
Icon mint.png Mint

South Park: Phone Destroyer

Main article: Mintberry Crunch (Phone Destroyer)

Mintberry Crunch is a 4-cost, legendary ranged card, with a base health of 188 and base attack of 32. When summoned, Mintberry Crunch provide temporary health boost to nearby allies. He also has a second ability which, when activated, deals damage in a line to the furthest enemy.


  • The character's introduction and role in the series was widely seen as a joke on the part of the creators by fans who watched the episode expecting to learn the origins of Kenny's immortality.
  • Bradley is not guaranteed to be immortal as he did not kill Cthulhu, merely sealed him back in his dimension.
  • How he gains his powers appears to mirror comic hero Captain Marvel, who would gain his appearance and powers after saying "Shazam!" Also, his twirling action mirrors that of Wonder Woman.
  • His alien heritage and being raised by human parents mirrors the past of Superman.
  • Though he had superpowers, much like Kenny, Bradley is vulnerable to physical injury, as demonstrated when the Coon assaulted him and Mosquito. Arguably, however, his powers had yet to manifest at that point.
  • Mint-Berry Crunch was added to the short introductory clip played before episodes on South Park Studios, flying in a circle over the usual intro characters while shooting mint and berries.
  • A Mint-Berry Crunch comic can be seen in Clyde's bathroom in "Reverse Cowgirl".


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