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Millie (spelled Milly in "Marjorine") is one of the female fourth grade students on South Park. She speaks with a strong Southern accent in some episodes, mainly the newer ones. In "Erection Day", Rebecca briefly referred to her as Jessie, which was probably just a brief name mistake made by the editors. Millie is displayed as one of "the popular girls" in the fourth grade along with Wendy, Bebe, Rebecca, Lola, Esther, Heidi Turner, Annie Faulk, and sometimes Sally Turner.


She wears a sea-green jacket and blue jeans. Under her jacket, she is shown to wear a pink tee-shirt. She also wears pigtails, tied by yellow scrunchies, in her orange hair. Millie's appearance is very similar to Craig's sister. The two both have orange hair and pig-tails and similar baby blue shirts. The only significant differences between the two are that their age is very much apart from each other's and Millie has shorter, higher up pigtails, where Craig's sister's pigtails are longer, and hanging a bit lower than Millie's.

As a "stupid spoiled whore", she wore a green patterned romper, with black eye shadow. She didn't wear any shoes as a whore either.

When dressed in her pajamas in "Marjorine" at Heidi's sleepover party, she wore a pair of light green and yellow plaid pajamas.


Millie seems to have a family however they were only shown once together in one of the earlier seasons. Her mother has short blond hair, wears a pink long sleeved shirt and dark pinkish-red pants with black shoes. Not much else is known about her or the relationship with her children. There has not yet been an appearance of a father in Millies family as of yet.

Millie Family


Flora was only seen with her family in a stroller being pushed by her mother in the episode Here Comes the Neighborhood. However, Flora's last name is revealed to be "Neal" in "Trapper Keeper", so this may be a continuity error.

A Possible Admirer?

It seems that Kenny is attracted to Millie. In "The Biggest Douche in the Universe", Rob Schneider is shown trying to kiss her while Kenny is possessing him. He has not been seen going near her since then, but she was shown trying to resist him.

Episodes in Which She is Prominent


  • In "Quest For Ratings", when Craig is showing off footage of the latest episode of his show at Whistling Willy's, Millie is a member of his audience. However, there are two girls who look exactly like her. This may be a continuity error, or she may have a twin, which might explain the name change (see above).
  • In Millie's first speaking roles in "Here Comes The Neighborhood" and "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", she had no Southern accent and was voiced by Eliza Schneider (She also lost her Southern accent when she was "Jessie").
  • Millie is shown to have a younger sister (who may be Flora) in "Here Comes The Neighborhood", though her mother looks much different than the one she was shown with in "A Very Crappy Christmas", and in "AWESOM-O", a Kindergartner resembling her and was seen outside of the Hollywood Movie Studio.
  • In "The F Word", Millie can be seen wearing a purple jacket instead of her aqua one when Mayor McDaniels comes to South Park Elementary concerning the spray painted messages
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