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Millard Anderson is a recurring background citizen of South Park, as well as the father of Filmore Anderson and wife of Mrs. Anderson, both Season 4 characters. He first appears in the Season Five premiere episode "It Hits the Fan". His name was revealed in "The Pandemic Special".


His first appearance was in "It Hits the Fan" in Season Five in 2001——the premiere episode of the season——, being a regular background character in areas such as the bar, flight to Las Vegas, and the live audience of More Shit TV, and became one of the regularly appearing citizens of South Park since, as well as being one of the first of dozens of Season 5 characters with advanced designs. He was revealed as the father of kindergartner Filmore Anderson in the Season Six episode "Child Abduction is Not Funny", with his previously appearing wife and the other parents of South Park. In the Season Twenty-Four episode "The Pandemic Special", Mr. Mackey holds a Zoom conference with the parents on allowing their children to return to school. Millard Anderson is one of the parents who appears on the call, appearing on the top left corner of Mr. Mackey's computer screen. The appearance thus revealed his first name to be Millard.


Millard has short curly black hair and wears a dark gray v-neck shirt with a green neckline, navy blue pants, and black shoes.

When him and his wife was seen at the South Park Elementary Cows Baseball game in "Child Abduction is Not Funny", he wore a blue v-neck shirt with a white neckline and the Cows logo on it.

In "More Crap" when he was seen at the EFSM Award Ceremony, multiple of him were seen, with one who is seen sitting next to Mr. Petuski wearing a formal suit with a yellow tie.

In "Stanley's Cup" he was seen wearing his average v-neck shirt except the colors are swapped to have the gray as white as well as his green neckline being red with the capitalized name Detroit written on it. He also was one of many holding a red stick with "GO DETROIT" printed on it.

In "Christmas Snow" he was seen wearing a brown coat with white fur.

On Mr. Mackey's parent conference Zoom call in "The Pandemic Special", he wears a pair of large red headphones with a thick wire connected to both sides of them.


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