Miles Standish is an alien from the planet Plymouth, who came to Earth, or rather, was sent to Earth against his will, by the Indians, another alien race, in the episode "A History Channel Thanksgiving". Miles is the military leader of the Pilgrims.


Miles arrives on Earth and is hit by Natalie Portman while she drives her car. Miles goes to Kyle's house to ask him what he should do, believing that he is able to send him back to Plymouth, due to The History Channel saying he thought all of this would happen. Miles kills David "Runninghorse" Sawitzky, believing he is an Indian, by stuffing a glowing blue energy ball in his mouth, which turned him into ash.

Miles later notices Kyle is upset, saying that Kyle almost looks like a "Puritan lady, whoseth period haseth stopped." Miles confronts the History Channel when they appear, saying he must return home. After the History Channel helps him, Miles makes it home in time to save his people and Thanksgiving.


Miles has long, brown hair and a brown goatee. He wears a white blouse, brown vest, brown shorts, light purple knee-length socks, gold-buckled, black high heels, and a black and gray cape.


Miles seems to be very respectable. He was shown to commonly thank others for their help as well as aid the upset. Nevertheless, he was shown to be extremely suspicious, even getting ready to kill the History Channel representatives before they had a chance to explain who they were.


  • Miles Standish's name is based on a real person; Myles Standish was a military adviser for the Pilgrims that helped develop the new colony at Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  • Throughout "A History Channel Thanksgiving", Miles' cape appears and disappears periodically.
  • Miles' appearance and personality strongly bears a resemblance to Thor from the 2011 film of the same name.
  • Miles's battlecry is "More Stuffing!"


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