Michael Theodore "Mickey" Mouse is the icon of The Walt Disney Company and one of the most recognized animated characters in the world. He played his first major role in the Season Thirteen episode, "The Ring".


He made his first appearance in "Eek, A Penis!", when Mitch Murphy made a sketch of him with a large erection. He later physically appeared in the uncut DVD movie version of "Imaginationland", being attacked and killed by the evil imaginary characters. During "The Ring", his main motive with the Jonas Brothers was to "sell sex" to little girls with sex euphemisms to "stupid" Christian families.

At the end of the episode, Mickey is shown to have the ability to grow in size, breathe fire, and fly. His hovering over the city mimics the Mickey Mouse balloon seen in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is implied that Mickey might be of some sort of divine origin. A news reporter commenting on Mickey's onslaught mentions that Mickey would afterwards return to Valhalla, of Norse mythology, where he would then slumber and feed.

Mickey was seen again in "200" and "201" with the celebrities who were suing South Park; he had a speaking part in "201" where he is one of the many celebrities and gingers arguing who gets to go into the goo machine and later on fights against the Super Best Friends.

Mickey reappears in "Obama Wins!" and is still in control of the Disney Corporation. Thrilled at the acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, he schemes with Eric Cartman to get Mitt Romney elected President of the United States.

Mickey reappears in "Band in China" where he scolds all of the Marvel, Star Wars, and other Disney characters he owns for pissing off the Chinese government as it's their biggest market for income. He even disowns Winnie the Pooh because the Chinese consider him offensive. He later teams up with Randy Marsh and fails to convince the Chinese to allow Randy to sell Tegridy Farms weed in China, even developing a liking towards it. He then states that they need to show the Chinese that they understand what it means to be made fun of and, presumably, orders Randy to kill Winnie the Pooh, causing the Chinese to allow Randy to sell his weed in China.


Mickey is a black mouse with a tan area near his eyes as well as his snout area. He wears a white "dress" shirt, red tie, pink, gold-buttoned shorts, white gloves, and large, brown shoes.

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Although he is portrayed as a good character in "Imaginationland", he changes sides in "The Ring". In this episode, Mickey is given a more prominent role, where he is seen as the owner of the Disney Company and boss to the Jonas Brothers. Mickey is portrayed as an evil money-hungry, foul-mouthed corporate mogul who is both verbally and physically abusive to his employees. For example, when Joe Jonas states that he would quit, Mickey punches Joe in the balls, and begins kicking his face, then forcing him to get up. It should be noted that Mickey says his trademark "Ha-ha!" laugh at the end of most of his sentences, which in context, comes off like a nervous tic. Also, Mickey appears to be insane threatening to kill Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Jonas Brothers with a chainsaw in order to prevent them from ruining his concert.


  • Mickey: "Vengeance is mine! You are all ants, and I am your destroyer!! Ha-ha." from "The Ring".
  • Mickey: "You have to wear the purity rings, because that's how we can sell sex to little girls. Ha-ha. You see, if we make the posters of little girls reaching for your junk, then you have to wear the purity rings, or else Disney company looks bad. Ha-ha." from "The Ring".
  • Mickey: "Alright now, get out there and make me some Goddamned money! Haha."
  • Mickey: "Where would you be without me, Jonas Brothers? Ha-ha. Your music sucks and you know it! Ha-ha! It's because you make little girls' ginies tickle...and when little girls' ginies tickle, I make money. Ha-ha. And that's because little girls are fucking stupid! Ha-ha." from "The Ring".
  • Mickey (kicking one of the Jonas Brothers): "You don't. Fucking. Talk to me. Like that! Haha. You little. Piece of. Shit! Haha." from "The Ring".
  • Mickey: "You think God is in control here? Ha-ha. I'm in control! I've been in control since the '50s, in case you haven't noticed! Ha-ha." from "The Ring".
  • Mickey: "Who the hell are these guys? Are they from DreamWorks? Goddamn Eisner trying to hurt this company again, haha?" from "The Ring".
  • Mickey: "You aren't ruining my plans this time, DreamWorks, haha!" from "The Ring".
  • Mickey: "I've made billions off of Christian ignorance for decades now! Ha-ha! And do you know why? Because Christians are retarded! Ha-ha. They believe in a talking dead guy! Ha-ha." from "The Ring".
  • Mickey: "What's this about a deal with the Chinese?! I own all this shit now! I own the Death Star! I own Tatooine! It's all MINE, haha! All right fuckers, where are the missing ballots? Haha." from "Obama Wins!"
  • Mickey: "Why don't you just tell me where the missing ballots are?! It will make your death a lot less painful! Haha." from "Obama Wins!"
  • Mickey: "Well then, why didn't you just come to me in the first place? If you wanna be in the next Star Wars, I'm your guy! Haha." from "Obama Wins!"
  • Mickey: "You can be Luke's son, you can be Han Solo's son, I don't give two shits and a popsicle." from "Obama Wins!"
  • Mickey: "Sure thing. I've got tauntauns comin' out my asshole, haha." from "Obama Wins!"
  • Mickey: "Shut the fuck up, Thor! You're here to flex and not think, you fucking bitch!" from "Band in China"
  • Mickey: "You are a fat, diabetic bear, and if the Chinese don't want you, then I don't, either!" from "Band in China"
  • Mickey: "What's South Park? Do I own that?"
    Assistant (off screen): "No, not yet, sir."
    from "Band in China"


  • "Imaginationland" - Was seen being attacked after the evil imaginary creatures began encroaching on the good part of Imaginationland.
  • "Eek, A Penis!" - Mr. Garrison explains to the sketch artist what the Penis Mouse looked like, and the sketch artist draws Mickey Mouse with an erection.
  • "The Ring" - Seen running Disney and abusing his employees; he later upsets the Christian Jonas Brothers fans, which causes him to go on a murderous rampage.
  • "200" - Seen as one of the celebrities suing South Park.
  • "201" - Seen as one of the celebrities suing South Park.
  • "Obama Wins!" - Seen confronting Stan and Kyle about the missing ballots and bribing Eric Cartman to release the ballots. He later has two Stormtroopers bring Cartman to him.
  • "Band in China" - Teams up with Randy Marsh so that the Chinese will allow him to sell weed from Tegridy Farms in China .


  • Unlike other characters, Mickey Mouse actually moves his legs when he walks.


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