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Michael Deets was a serial killer who featured as the main antagonist in the Season Eight episode, "Cartman's Incredible Gift".



Deets murdered and removed the left hands of several people throughout the episode, including the school bus driver Ms. Crabtree. It is unknown as to how he chose his victims. When questioned, he would state that he had been molested by a mannequin, whom he claimed was his mother. No one except Kyle suspected him of the murders, and Cartman's false visions caused other people to be wrongly arrested instead.

Eventually, he grew tired of not being "credited" for his murders and proceeded to abduct Cartman from his home, hold him captive in his house, and force him to watch a slideshow of places he's been to. Soon thereafter, several police officers, led by Sergeant Yates, appear at his doorstep in order to continue an investigation into the recent string of murders. After identifying himself as "God", Deets allows the officers to enter his house. Yates and the others fail to take note of anything suspicious until they come across Deets' collection of severed left hands - which he subsequently dismisses as being a completely innocent collection of severed right hands.

After considerable examination and evaluation of the evidence before him, and forgetting what it was he was supposed to be doing, Yates realizes that what he believed was right hands were, in fact, left hands placed the opposite way. Acting on this revelation, Yates returns to Deets' house just in time to prevent him from killing Cartman. Deets leaps out at the police officers with a knife but is shot dead. Yates then proceeded to shoot him in the head a few additional times.

The character of Michael Deets combines elements from real-life serial killers Ed Gein, the "Zodiac Killer", Jeffrey Dahmer, fictional serial killers Francis Dolarhyde and Buffalo Bill from the Hannibal Lecter novel, and Norman Bates from the novel and film Psycho.


He has bags under his eyes. He is excessively hairy. When he was at the sight of his murders, he was clad in a blood-splattered raincoat and yellow underwear. In other places, he wore yellow underwear, a green cap that had a pistol logo at its center, and a red robe. His hair is presumably blond as his eyebrows are seen being blond.


He is shown to be extremely mentally unstable and disturbed, killing people and collecting their left hands. He often stated that he had been molested by a mannequin, whom he claimed was his mother. He also claimed he was God. If he was truly molested by his mother, then the psychological trauma associated with sexual abuse may have caused his mental imbalance.


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