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Michael, an employee of Backcountry Adventures, appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining", where he was seen hosting the ziplining tour group that the boys participated in.


Having done little during spring break, the boys decided to try ziplining, in order to do something fun and adventurous before the break was over. Michael set the boys up with zip lining gear and hosted the tour, much to the dismay of the boys. During the tour, Michael was responsible for sending guests down the zipline to the other tour guide. He also provided the history and background of various objects, which were seemingly irrelevant, such as a tree and a creek.


Michael wears black hiking shoes, white socks, dark gray cargo shorts, and a teal polo shirt. He also wears ziplining equipment, which consists of a black harness, orange gloves, and a yellow helmet with black padding.


Michael seems overly enthusiastic and very patient. He is easy to get along with but extremely annoying to Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny.


  • Michael: "Fresh narnar!"
  • Michael: "Shaka-Brah!"

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