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Michael, Kurt, Bill, and Dave are Park County Cable workers who appear in the Season Twenty-Three episode, "Basic Cable".


Clark Malkinson calls up the other cable workers to arrange a meeting about the streaming services after mocking his son.

Most of the cable workers arrive late, angering Clark. Clark then explains they were the ones who laid the cables for the companies and they should take them out. The group then splits up to collect the parts, but procrastinate again instead of getting the parts, once again angering Clark.

Later on, as Scott and Sophie Gray watch The Mandalorian in his house, Disney+ goes down just after he starts it, thanks to Clark and the other cable guys taking the cables out.



Michael is almost bald, has long brown hair, and wears a white shirt under a gray work uniform.

Kurt has brown hair with gray sides, gray eyebrows, and a gray mustache and wears an orange shirt under a gray work uniform.

Bill has dark brown hair with gray sides, a brown mustache, and brown beard, and wears a black shirt under a gray work uniform.

Dave has combed brown hair with gray sides, two forehead wrinkles, and a broad nose and wears a white shirt under a gray work uniform with the sleeves up to his elbow.


  • There is a mistake in the scene where they and Clark vandalize the cable lines that run through the city. The mistake is that Clark calls Michael "Dave". The real Dave was not present in this scene.
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