Michael's Parents appear in the Season Seventeen episode, "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers".


Michael's parents are seen when he is entering his home. They mistake their son as emo instead of Goth. After a brief discussion, Michael's father immediately forcibly takes him to a camp for troubled children while his mother watches.


Michael's father has short curly dark gray hair, crow's feet and thick eyebrows, a slight double chin, and a similar nose to his son. He wears a white shirt under a light blue coat with two side pockets, dark yellow pants, and black shoes. Michael's mother appears to be Asian as she has narrow eyes. She has short black hair and crow's feet. She wears red lipstick, a dull green blouse, gray pants, and high-heeled black shoes.


  • Michael's mother is one of the few female characters to be voiced by Trey Parker.


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