Michael's Parents appeared in the Season Seventeen episode, "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers".


Michael's parents are seen when he is entering his home. They thought their son was an emo instead of a gothic. After a brief discussion Michael's father immediately forcibly takes him to a camp for troubled children while his mother watches.


Michael's father has short curly dark gray hair, he has warts on his face and thick eyebrows, he has a slight double chin and has a similar nose to his son and wears a white shirt under a light blue coat with two side pockets, dark yellow pants and black shoes. Michael's mother has short black hair and some warts on her face, she wears a red lipstick and wears a pale green coat, gray pants and black shoes, she seems to be of Asian origin. Michael's parents likely seem to be in their 50s.


  • Michael's mother is one of the few female characters to be voiced by Trey Parker.
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