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Michael is a fifth grader who first appeared in the Season Seven episode, "Raisins".

He is the only one of Goth Kids to be involved in storylines in which the rest of the group are not present in You Got F'd in the A and T.M.I.


In "You Got F'd in the A", Michael helps Stan's dance team out in an effort to be the biggest non-conformist of all by not even conforming to goth standards. He also suggests bringing Yao and a girl (who ends up being Mercedes, a Raisins Girl) into the group.

Michael reappears in "The Ungroundable", being mistaken for a Vampire kid. The Goth Kids kidnap Mike Makowski (the head Vampire Kid) and suggest ramming a stake through his heart, but end up sending him to Scottsdale, Arizona instead. Michael appears in "T.M.I." in the anger management class with several others. He may have a small penis, as he goes to an anger management class with other people who have anger issues due to their penis size.

In "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers", Michael, Pete, and Firkle go to the CPS agency in an attempt to report Henrietta's parents' child abuse for sending her to a disciplinary camp that turned her "emo". Later in the episode, his parents end up sending him to the same camp to help "make him normal."

Criminal Record

Michael burning down the "Hot Topic".

The Goth Kids have collectively and individually engaged in numerous criminal offenses.

  • Arson: In "The Ungroundable", Michael and the other Goth Kids set fire to Hot Topic, burning it to the ground.
  • Attempted Murder / Kidnapping: In "The Ungroundable", he, with the Goth Kids, kidnap Mike Makowski, the leader of the South Park Vampire Society, with the intent of murdering him. After he admits he isn't a vampire, however, they change their minds and ship him off to Scottsdale, Arizona instead.
  • Drug Abuse / Underage Smoking: Michael is frequently seen smoking cigarettes despite being underage, in addition to abusing cough syrup to hallucinate.
  • Hostage-Taking / Terrorism: In "T.M.I.", Michael participates in the Pissed Off and Angry Party's taking of hostages at the Fed-Ex offices.
  • Treason / Sedition: In the Superhero Arc, they are shown to be part of the Cthulhu cult and supporting the eponymous monster's reign of terror. They later leave the cult, though, expressing dissatisfaction with the outcome.



Michael is the vocalist in the Goth Kids' band. Their only known song was "Talent Shows are for Fags", played ironically at the elementary school talent show in the episode "Erection Day".


In "You Got F'd in the A", Michael joins The South Park Diggities along with Stan, Mercedes, Yao, Jeffy and later Butters. The Diggities win the dance off against The Orange County Crew, but mainly due to Butters killing them accidentally.



Michael walks with a cane, however at times he is seen walking without it, even once giving it to Stan, and tossing it aside while running in "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers". He is taller than the other kids and has curly black hair. He has a large nose, that is visible, along with his ears, unlike most children in South Park and has black loops under his eyes. This could be due to his age. He wears a long black jacket with a white dress shirt underneath, black trousers, and black shoes. He also has a gold cross earring on his left ear.


Michael is possibly half-Asian, half-Caucasian because in "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers", it is revealed that he has an Asian mother and Caucasian father. However, this could be his stepmother because in the episode "Raisins", he states "Love didn't work out for my mom and dad, so why should it work out for me?", suggesting that his biological parents are divorced.



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