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  • Hi! While your edits are appreciated, we generally would like to leave the links, if there are any, in the section headers. Not a big deal; there's no real strategy yet for section linking, so best leave them there.

    Another thing we like to do is use Template:PAGENAME in the infoboxes. This magic word is fantastic in that it helps when moving pages. Some pages don't yet have this template in use in the infobox and for those that don't, there are some special cases. For the moment, best leave it as it is for now. :)

    I must ask, are you running a script? Typo corrections are nice, but when you added the links to other languages, that was even more awesome. Just saying, in case you wish to do that again. ;)

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    • I also noticed that you're placing the period before the reference to aired date on episode pages. This is great and preferred , but constitutes a deviation from the standard, as all episode pages have the period after the reference. Would it be possible for you to focus your script on the episode pages, as to maintain a definitive standard where the period is before the reference?

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    • Thanks for the fixes. Never noticed theses before.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • do you just edit what you see at that moment?

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