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  • Hiya :).

    I've seen you battling in the comment section a lot about the canonicity of Creek and whatnot, and while I respect your opinion I would like to give in some of my insight.

    Creek is definitely ambiguous and possibly one of the most controversial topics in the whole fandom but it has most certainly been proven true. 


    Is Creek Canon? — You heard it here folks.

    This blog had titled itself "Is Creek Canon?". They had posted a statement that said "Yes". AKA answering the blog's title. This statement received a heart from the official south park tumblr. OFFICIAL.

    Then we have this

    ,the Official South Park tumblr

    Read the tags :)

    The more recent episodes also prove it to be canon, if not genuine.

    But hey, I'm not here to start a fight. You seem like a pretty cool person who seems really smart so i wouldn't mind being friends :) 

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    • I apologise for the late response. I can see you are a more amicable individual than some of the people I've debated on this site, as you refrained from insults and ad hominems in your argument despite your differing opinion, for which I commend you.

      Ultimately though, my opinion has changed since my last debate/argument, as in the face of overwhelming evidence, it has become clear that it is indeed canon, as Season 21 and South Park: The Fractured But Whole have proven. I still don't like it, and I do think it's the result of poor writing meant to pander to the yaoi subsection of the fandom but I do concede that it's inarguably canon.

      If you like Creek, I won't hold it against you. I'm not particularly active here anymore but if you wish to talk in the future, I'll try to respond sooner.

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  • Is it okay If I add you under my 'friends on the wiki' on my profile page?

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  • To be completely honest, saying that their relationship is ingenuine and then claiming that you're not staking a claim on whether or not they're canon is directly contradictory. The fact of the matter is that they've been stated as dating on multiple occasions, the official wiki lists them as boyfriends, and that they genuinely care about each other. Furthermore, as was pointed out a long time ago, nobody was actually paying attention to them anymore, and no further plot point was made regarding the town's emotional wellbeing relying on their relationship. At this point, it's safe to say that they're not staying together just to keep everybody happy. 

    On top of that, adding that it's ambiguous is an entirely unnecessary addition. It really doesn't contribute to anything and only further adds to editing disputes, especially considering the mounting evidence stacked against the argument that they're ambiguous. If you want to add that the end of the episode left them ambiguous, and you really need to for whatever reason, add it to the page on "Tweek x Craig" rather than Craig's relationship with Tweek, because in light of everything that came after, it's only relevant to the one episode.

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    • Look, I made an edit that does acknowledge people had found it ambiguous while still making quite clear that what came after was game-changing. That's as much as I'm willing to budge.

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    • Firstly, I can't see the U.S site all the time, so I have to constantly cache the page, therefore I'm not able to constantly see every update they make. Secondly, Tweek was happy over doing a good job, but it wasn't being in love with Craig that made him propose to get back together; it was seeing everybody upset over their "break-up", including his father. Three, we never see Craig and Thomas interacting in the episode, nor is it ever implied that they do interact, as Craig is seen more often getting angry at people assuming that he's gay (as seen with Tweek's parents telling him to keep the door open, and him scowling in response). It is therefore reasonable to assume that Craig and Thomas didn't interact until the end of the episode, which was solely Thomas talking to Craig, with the latter remaining silent. Fourthly, they weren't showing any emotion in those other scenes either for that matter, if they were faking the relationship, they would need to keep up appearances, and the only time we see them holding hands and smiling was with the SDDC stand, which doesn't count, as that didn't happen in any of the episodes, nor the games or any other canon material.

      Yes it is, because if they are faking it, that means that their relationship isn't genuine, therefore changing it, which links to the characters, hence why I put it on this page and not on the episode's. Besides, what I offered you was a compromise: I suggested that you allow my information to stay, while you add your information, and allow anyone reading the article to come to their own conclusion on whether or not they're canon or not, based on both of our information plus the already existing information in the article. If anything, you just want to have your way. Even then, I'm not the only one who's added the section that their relationship is ambiguous, people have done it before me, I'm just the most recent person to do so. Also, I remember your past edits to the section, where you pretty much outright stated they were canon and linked a Tumblr post with the Season 19 commentary for Tweek x Craig, which seems a bit hypocritical that you accuse of misinterprating information, when you clearly did so yourself. The section I added is helpful as it means allows people to form their own conclusion, as the article gave no hints over the ambiguity of the relationship until I added that section. I may not have been around here for as long, but that doesn't mean I'm any less determined to maintain the articles for these two.       

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  • I agree, their relationship is ambiguous. Thanks for the edit!

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    • The category "Characters in a Relationship" will be accepted. Technically these characters have a relationship, that does not always mean a romantic one. This category does not apply to friendships since friends don't pretend to be in love. The other reason this category is accepted is the ambiguity of the situation. If next season this story-line continues than updates will have to happen.

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    • Understood. 

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  • Hi, welcome to South Park Archives! Thanks for your contribution to Tweek x Craig!

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