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    • It could just be made up.
    • AnvilScramble could have changed his display name (different than steam id).
    • AnvilScramble has a different steam id than his display name.
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    • If he change his steam id so what his new steam id name or they just made it up? Some staff or crew member at South Park Studio who play Call of Duty for thier freetime?

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    • Well, its impossible to change the steam id (what comes after<stuff>), but he very well likely could have changed his "Profile Name". This can be done in "Edit Profile".

      For example, my steam ID is "ManicTheHedgehog", but my profile name is "CraigTucker". Basically, there's two names, and AnvilScramble is a profile name and not a steam ID.

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    • We're really happy to have you here, and look forward to working with you!
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