• I live in Singapore
  • I was born on June 17
  • I am Female
  • Bio A herbivorous metalhead who likes helping others. Nice but not a pushover. A playful gluttony girl who's trying to improve her "disciprine". Forever a child at heart.
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  • I have a Facebook account as well if you are ever interested in messaging me there :)

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    • Oh that'll be nice. Would you be online tomorrow around the same time as when you sent this just now? You can reply to this thread when you're online and I'll put my facebook profile here, when you've added me I'll delete my message since this wall is public. Putting it up for a while for you to find me should be fine.

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  • Hello! I apologize for the late reply, as your messages towards me are always very interesting and make me think. I am glad to see that we are so like-minded and that you can relate so well towards me. I also enjoy attracting people with whom I can have meaningful connections too and highly value sincerity and openness in others, although I will admit that I did have a habit of pursuing one-sided friendships where I was giving more than I was receiving due to having gravitated towards the wrong people. I do believe having common ground is one of the most important parts of a connection with someone and that I could have struggled to make friends in part due to my shyness combined with my trying to force myself into social groups I didn’t quite fit into or belong in.

    It is interesting that you described that you work behind the screens as an animator or creative professional. You career sounds very fun and it really does remind me of the job I mentioned Cason had in my fanfic :) I always wanted to create a web comic of my own eventually based on the many characters that I have created based on some of my life experiences, although I wouldn’t mind writing a novel or series of short stories based off of them either. I realize becoming a writer or published author is very difficult however, which is why I haven’t pursued it as a full-time job, but rather a passion I enjoy on the side. Still, I am glad you followed your heart and are doing a job that makes you happy, which is likely why you seem to know so much about how South Park works behind the scenes.

    I invest a lot of myself in every character I write and feel most of them reflect at least some part of who I am. Mia for instance was definitely me in a lot of ways, although I have become somewhat less guarded and shy over time. I would say she was very similar, if not identical to me, while I was growing up however. If anything, the best friend I wrote for Mia named Hannah Bergman is a more accurate reflection of the person I currently am- intelligent, openminded, and slightly playful, yet awkward and somewhat socially oblivious with a sweet demeanor and naturally quirky flair. While Hannah feels conflicted between standing out and blending in among others, she is a humble, honest unassuming person who is fiercely loyal to the few friends who do understand her and has a childlike energy and curiosity in seeing things. I feel this is me in a lot of ways too.

    Like you, I also enjoy music of any genre as well, although I do tend to gravitate towards songs that have meaning behind them. Sometimes I will listen to an upbeat tune if the lyrics energize or inspire me, but I am not afraid of a slower song either. As I said in a different thread before, I am not a fan of most rap or hip-hop music, as I don’t like the content of some of the lyrics. I will give credit to metal music though and say some of the meaning behind it is deep and profound and speaks the truth about the world in a lot of ways.

    I didn’t mean to say all of Western culture was bad necessarily. I do appreciate the liberalism of it and do identify with it a lot more than the conservativeness of Eastern culture, as you said, but simply wish American society wasn’t so competitive and materialistic at times. I think it depends on the region of the US you live in or visit in terms of how friendly people will be to you. Texans for instance are known for being very warm and open towards visitors and are much more engaging that someone for New York or Boston, who tend to be colder and more direct. Racism also depends on where you go as well, as it is not obvious or apparent everywhere you go. I myself have never directly experienced discrimination for being mixed race or Latina while in Texas, although I am sure there are some parts of the Deep South or Midwest where some prejudices might show more. I am only assuming this based upon recent events that have happened in the news, although that information itself may be biased.

    I think above all, I fit in best in a place that allows me to be flexible and express myself creatively. I would also prefer to be surrounded by likeminded people too who understand me. I appreciate your kind words in the most recent South Park thread I posted on too regarding my opinion on Scott Malkinson as a best friend. I think you are a very kind and considerate person too based upon what I have heard from you and the way you express yourself when we talk :) I hope to hear more from you again soon!

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    • It's so cool how we find people like minded to us online even if we struggle with that in real life. I'm glad to be friends with you, I feel like you're someone who needs a friend as you find it hard to fit in and relate to people. Common ground is really important. When I was young I also tried to join social groups that weren't right for me, I feel you man. Even now, I can get quite socially awkward at metal concerts. Even though we like the same music a lot of people are different and I don't fit in so well, I'm a bit of a loner, with some acquaintances I talk to a bit more.

      I like music a lot too. I feel that metal music is quite often honest in depicting our fucked up world, without trying to gloss over and beautify things the way I feel pop music sometimes does. It is cathartic and relatable. I like feeling a bit rebellious as I was brought up as a "good girl" which also made me feel uncool and unpopular as a kid.

      I think a lot of creative work is at the computer. You need the software to do all your stuff lol.

      Would be interesting if you could write a fanfiction and post it somewhere and I can have a look at it. It's interesting how the characters reflect who you are at different stages. I have a childlike energy too.

      Indeed the States vary so much in different places. It's good that you haven't really faced racism. It sucks to know people are so materialistic though. Anyway, hope to chat with you more on Facebook.

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  • Can i get the link for the wendy testaburger hater page?

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  • i want to say is thank you for being supportive and my polls i will do more and you 're a good person

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