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Mercedes is a minor character introduced in the Season Seven episode, "Raisins".


Mercedes is one of the young employees at South Park's local Raisins restaurant who was first seen in the episode "Raisins". She seems to be in charge of the place, being very professional at work and guiding the other employees. After her first appearance, she, along with the restaurant, began making occasional small appearances throughout the series.

In her first appearance in "Raisins", she is seen welcoming people at the door and leading them to their tables throughout the episode, and is later seen receiving and showing the rules to a new employee at the restaurant.

Mercedes makes her second appearance in "You Got F'd in the A", where she is invited to join Stan's dance troupe for a dance against the Orange County Crew. Upon joining the group, she suggests to Stan to invite Butters, who was a state tap dancing champion, which he ended up being denied because of a tragedy that happened during his dance in the past. At the end of the episode, Stan's group ends up winning after Butters changes his mind and attends the dance troupe, causing another accident and killing the rivals.

Mercedes has made some minor appearances throughout the seasons, including in "Goobacks", where she is seen during the song "The Future Begins With You and Me", along with Porsche.

In "Unfulfilled", she is seen outside of work with Porsche, admiring Larry Zewiski's bike.


Mercedes appears to be a supervisor or a head waitress of some sorts, even having her headshot on Raisins' advertisements. This is further evidenced by her training of new employees, like Ferrari. She seems to be kind, professional, and experienced.


Mercedes has long blonde hair combed and wears the standard Raisins uniform, as well as exaggerated makeup that includes blue eyeshadow. Outside of work she was seen wearing a white heart shirt and a pink skirt.


Video Games[]

South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

Mercedes is first seen in the mission "Mosquito in a Honey Pot" greeting the New Kid at the door and leading him to her table, before getting into a fight with him and Mosquito after he refused to leave a tip.

During the quest "Medicinal Fried Fiasco", Mercedes surrounds the New Kid in an alley with the other Raisins and engages in battle with him. After the first battle is over, the Raisins recruit a stronger waitress to help them in the fight, which is interrupted after they flee in despair after being hacked by Call Girl.

In the quest "A Perky Predicament", Mercedes is seen welcoming the New Kid and Mosquito before starting a fight against them, along with the bouncer and the other waitresses.

Toward the end of the game, Mercedes joins a battle with other enemies faced throughout the game, who ally against the New Kid.



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