Mercedes is a young waitress who works at South Park's local Raisins restaurant. She is also a talented dancer as she was invited into Stan Marsh's dance crew in "You Got F'd in the A".



Mercedes' first appearance was in "Raisins"; she was seen greeting at the door and waitressing. Her face can be seen on the advertisements for gift cards. She also showed Ferrari the basics and showed the boys to their table.

"You Got F'd in the A"

She played a fairly big role in this episode as she was one of the people chosen to be in Stan's dance group. She was one of the back up dancers and was shown to be fairly skilled.


Mercedes' latest appearance was in the "Goobacks" episode, where she was seen picking up garbage with another Raisin, Porsche.


Mercedes is seen in the regular Raisins uniform. She has blonde hair that goes down to around shoulder length. She wears blue eye shadow. In "Reverse Cowgirl", she is seen in a black top with a white stripe going from the right hip to the left shoulder. In "Unfulfilled", she wears a white shirt, with a dark pink heart on it, a pink skirt and black shoes.


She appears to be a supervisor or a head waitress of some sorts, even having her headshot on Raisins' advertisements. This is further evidenced by her training of new employees, like Ferrari. She seems to be kind, professional, and experienced.



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