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Menorah Cartman is the daughter of Eric and Yentl Cartman who appears in South Park: Post Covid.


Menorah can be seen attending Kenny's funeral service with the rest of her family. Later on, she pleads with Kyle to let them stay the night at his house, which Kyle accepts.

As Kyle, Cartman, and Tolkien discuss Kenny's death, Kyle gets annoyed at Cartman and Yentl for making out with each other. Both Menorah and Moisha get angry at Kyle for yelling at their father, with Menorah saying "Uncle Kyle makes me crazy too!"

When Cartman informs his children that Kyle is going to try to change the past, Menorah says she does not want the past to be changed and she likes things the way they are.

In South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, Menorah, along with the rest of her family, were all taken to the South Park Church and hidden in an attic. They come out just as Kyle is fighting against Cartman, with Yentl noting that Cartman has changed and that he would be no better than Kyle. Menorah admits that she would rather not live than become like Kyle.


Menorah has long curly black hair and thick black eyebrows. She wears a light blue hair band, a dark-blue blouse over a light blue shirt, a gray checkered skirt, black pants, and black shoes. She also wears a pastel pink nightgown with a white lacy collar.


Blonde menorah

Menorah's model reused in "Pajama Day".

  • In "Pajama Day", her model is reused on an unnamed female student, recolored to have blonde hair and a pink headband.