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Memberberries are a type of super fruit introduced in the Season Twenty premiere episode, "Member Berries".


Memberberries are a sentient fruit first used by Mr. Mackey in his office. Later, Stephen Stotch shows them to Randy Marsh. In "Member Berries", they were introduced by J.J. Abrams when the U.S. Representatives implore him to reboot the national anthem by saying, "We need your memberberries!"

Their main function is to remember pop culture icons, bringing about nostalgic feelings for the supposed good times of the past. Most commonly, they bring up memorable moments and elements from the original Star Wars trilogy.

However, they also make political comments, (typical among people of both the left and right until very recently) such as remembering when marriage was only between a man and a woman, when there weren't so many Mexicans, and Ronald Reagan.

In "Fort Collins" they seem to be aware of their surroundings as they were seeing a normal memberberry experimented on. They flee from the Marsh household and hold another memberberry hostage with them and throw in Caitlyn Jenner's drink.

They also seem to be indestructible as one was seen burned by a torch, acid, and electrified with little to no effects. However, they can be squished, eaten, and shot.


They appear as a cluster of light purple berries, quite similar to grapes, with a face on each individual drupe. They speak in soothing but very high-pitched voices.

One memberberry named Tubbs is much bigger than the others and speaks in a lower-pitched voice. Furthermore, there are three old-looking memberberries.


The memberberries are the physical manifestation of the idiom "sour grapes", used to refer to a negative attitude to something because they cannot have it themselves.

At first, they appear to only remember pop culture from the '80s and '90s, mostly Star Wars and the soundtrack “Africa” by Toto, but they are shown to have a different side also remembering conservative and racist ideologies from those decades.

Starting in "Fort Collins", they are shown to be more aware of Randy and Mr. Garrison's attempts on destroying their entire species, and a group consisting of 5 (later 6) memberberries escape the Marsh household, setting off to kill another memberberry by dropping it off into Caitlyn Jenner's drink. The memberberry doesn't show signs of pleading for mercy, as it says "That's okay, I 'member!" before being dropped into the drink. Judging by this, the memberberries are fine with death just as long as they'll be eaten. One reason of that might be that being eaten might be their original purpose as their conservative memory contents seems to live on in the person that eats them.

A group of elderly memberberries seem to want everyone to remember about the violent times in history like the German WW1 Stormtroopers.

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South Park: Phone Destroyer[]

The Memberberries are a 5-Cost Epic Trap of the Superheroes theme. When summoned, they will appear in an area for 15 seconds. If nothing happens to them while they are on the field, they will jump to the two nearest enemies and summon random allies from the player’s hand. If an enemy steps on the Memberberries, they take damage and an ally is summoned. All their lines are archived audio from South Park: The Fractured but Whole.



  • "Member Berries" - Seen being eaten by Randy Marsh and Mr Mackey.
  • "Skank Hunt" - Mr. Mackey is seen enjoying them, until Scott Malkinson frantically enters Mackey's office.
  • "The Damned" – Seen as an ingredient in a pie as well as whole fruits.
  • "Wieners Out" – Overheard in a man's shirt pocket, and the man squishes them.
  • "Douche and a Danish" - Seen blamed for society's want for Mr. Garrison to become president.
  • "Fort Collins" - Seen getting Caitlyn Jenner to eat a Member berry: a gang of memberberries escapes from Randy's house and takes a hostage memberberry with them. They kill their hostage by pushing him off the shelf of a bar into Caitlyn Jenner's martini.
  • "Oh, Jeez" - Seen as vomit, when people throw up to "infect" others.
  • "Members Only" - Seen at their private club, and then going to the White House to have a party. Then a group of elderly Memberberries appear and shot the leader of the gang and wants everyone to remember about the German Stormtroopers.
  • "The End of Serialization as We Know It" - Seen standing in formation in the Oval Office.
  • "Put It Down" - Seen in a very brief cameo when Cartman and Heidi are trying to raise awareness against suicide.
  • "Doubling Down" - Seen on a shelf in the Oval Office, "membering" how President Garrison said he would fuck everyone to death.
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