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  • According to the DVD commentary, Matt and Trey have stated that previous celebrities mocked on the show were mostly picked at random, but with this episode, it was a personal matter to show their dislike for Barbra Streisand. The main reason was that after Colorado passed Amendment 2, an amendment to the Colorado state constitution forbidding homosexuals from being recognized as a protected class, Streisand spoke out against the state and all its citizens, calling them a "bunch of hicks" and promising she would never visit Colorado again.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Mr. Garrison is holding a newspaper with Mr. Hankey on it.
  • When Streisand's pink helicopter is landing, Cartman screams out in terror "Oh no! Aliens!" and immediately grips his own ass, clearly in reference to the series' pilot episode "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe".
  • Barbra Streisand took the opportunity of her characterization in this episode to criticize the show, claiming it was bad for children for promoting cynicism. In a later episode, "Spookyfish", her image was again used, apparently in response. She was also used as a swearword in "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut " and an insult in "Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants ", before reappearing as Mecha-Streisand in "200" and "201".
  • The word "Roshambo" (Rochambeau) is another way of saying "rock, paper, scissors". However, Cartman's concept of Roshambo is for opponents to take turns kicking each other in the balls until one of them falls over.
  • Barbra Streisand has a picture of Satan and herself in her torturing chamber.
  • Barbra Streisand's short monologue is heavily accented and grammatically incorrect Japanese, roughly translatable as "Today, for me, it is a new beginning! From this day forward, my name is.... Mecha-Barbra-Streisanda!" Although the translation was grammatically correct, her voice actor read the lines out incorrectly.
  • Guest star Robert Smith was given his lines out of context and told it would be funnier for him to just read them and did not discover the plot until it aired. All of his lines were recorded over the telephone.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Cartman finds the golden triangle, and a male figure is drawn inside it when it's being held sharp end up. A few seconds later, Kyle is holding the triangle, and a female figure is there instead of the male one.
  • Before they get to the studio there is a man that looks like Officer Barbrady.
  • The news reporter mentions genetic mutant creatures, zombies, and Thanksgiving turkeys destroying the town.
  • Stan's line "This is pretty fucked up right here" is uncensored in the HD version of this episode even though the rest of Season 1 is censored.
  • According to Dr. Mephisto in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, his son died during the events of this episode.
  • The song “Icicle” from the Japan-only Nintendo Gamecube game, Giftpia, features garbled audio sampled from this episode at 1:03 and 3:51.
  • As Barbra Streisand demonstrates, to unleash the power of The Diamond of Pantheos, you have to first combine the two triangles, then perform a ritual. Ike somehow manages to do both of these and transform himself into "Mecha Ike".
    • Considering that Ike has a very high level of intelligence, this might be quite reasonable.

References to Popular Culture

  • Barbara Streisand features prominently in this episode. She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She became a target for parody on South Park due to her speaking out against the show saying it was bad for children.
  • Leonard Maltin is featured and is a famous movie critic and film historian.
  • Sidney Poitier is parodied. He is a Bahamian American actor, director and presently the Bahamian diplomat to Japan. Poitier is best known for his role in the film version of In the Heat of the Night and its sequel They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!.
  • Robert Smith is also featured. He is the lead singer of influential rock band The Cure.
  • Mr. Garrison is reading a copy of the Rocky Mountain News a Denver based newspaper that ran from 1859-2009.
  • When Cartman is digging at the archaeological dig, he sings a song in the tune similar to many songs sung by enslaved African American's in the United States prior to the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • The archaeologist states that the portion of the Triangle of Zinthar that is found by Cartman has Anasazi writing on it. The Anasazi were the Ancient Pueblo Peoples. A small number of the Anasazi resided in what is now the state of Colorado.
  • When interviewed by News 4, Cartman asserts that when he kicked Kyle he cried like Nancy Kerrigan. Nancy Kerrigan was an Olympic class figure skater. In 1994 she was attacked by a man hired by her rival Tonya Harding. During her televised practice performance on January 6, 1994, she was attacked and the cameras recording her in tears saying the word "why why why" over and over again.
  • When Chef meets Leonard Maltin he says "Well I'll be a teen-aged girl backstage at an Aerosmith concert!" Aerosmith is a rock 'n' roll band (1970–present) with many hit records and made the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Chefs comments are regarding the common stereotype that female fans who get backstage at a rock concert usually have sex with the musicians.
  • Chef states that he hasn't seen Barbara Streisand since Yentl, which is a 1983 film starring Streisand about a Jewish woman who would dress up and pretend to be a man so that she could study Jewish Talmudic Law, which at the time was forbidden.
  • The boys ask Barbara Streisand if she is as famous as former Denver Bronco's quarterback John Elway.
  • Officer Barbrady tells Barbara Streisand that if she's not Fiona Apple he doesn't give a rats ass who she is. At the time this episode had aired, musician Fiona Apple recently released her first album Tidal.
  • While Kyle and Cartman are arguing over who owns the triangle after Cartman breaks into Kyle's room, of all the gibberish Ike spouts he says "Cookie Monster", who is an iconic character from the children television show Sesame Street.
  • Leonard Maltin states that Barbara Streisand's "She was born in a small town, her mother was a jackal, and her father was an insurance salesman." This is a line directly out of the film The Omen.
  • According to Leonard Maltin, Barbara Streisand was in the 1984 film My Fair Lady. As a movie buff, he should know this is incorrect, considering the fact that Streisand was not in the film, it was Audrey Hepburn who was in the female lead.
  • Maltin refers to Barbara Streisand as "Babs", which is her nickname.
  • The boys joke how Barbara Streisand still wishes she was 45. When this episode originally aired, Streisand was 55.
  • Cartman asks Kyle if his socks smell like the Botanical Gardens. This is likely a reference to the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens located in Grant Junction Colorado.
  • The mayor of South Park can't believe that she watched Barbara Streisand's HBO special. This is in reference to Barbara's 1994 HBO special "Barbara Streisand: The Concert" which originally aired on August 21, 1994.
  • Stan asks "My mom always said there were no monsters, but there are, aren't there, Chef?", which is a parody of a line recited by Newt (Carrie Henn) to Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in James Camron's 1986 film Aliens.
  • After Barbara Streisand is destroyed, Kyle says Disintegration is the best Cure album ever.
  • This episode parodies many Japanese Kaiju films from Japan, embodying their fantasy aspects, human incorporation, especially that of children, and unique style. Kaiju translates into "strange beast", though Kaiju often refers to giant monsters. Aside from Mecha-Streisand, Mothra (Robert Smith), Gamera (Sidney Poitier), and Ultraman (Leonard Maltin) are parodied in this episode, which seems to primarily parody Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla (1974). Although its primary source material is based on the Toho Kaiju films, this episode features other Kaiju film stars. Gamera a fire-breathing, jet-propelled turtle and star of its own series of movies that rival Godzilla's, is the transformation of Sidney Portier. He also has two small fairies that accompany him as his personal guides, this is a parody of the Shobijin, or "small women" that accompany the kaiju Mothra, that first appeared in the 1961 film, Mothra. Mecha-Streisand looks and has a similar arsenal to Mechagodzilla. Leonard Maltin transforms into a giant form that is a parody of popular Japanese super-hero Ultraman. Robert Smith transforms into a creature that is a parody of Mothra, and when he battles Barbara Streisand, the music in the background sounds similar to the melody to Lovesong from their 1989 album Disintegration. The song "Bar-Buh-Rah" sang by the Asian news correspondent is a parody of the Gamera theme song.


  • Mecha-Streisand returns to South Park in "200" and "201", as a weapon by all the celebrities who were trying to get the town to hand over the Muslim Prophet, Muhammad. Her design was polished up, and somehow received a chainsaw on one of her arms. It was stated that South Park practically 'destroyed' her, and that she hates the town more than anybody else.

Kenny's Death

  • During a battle between Mecha Streisand and Leonard Maltin, Kenny walks with Stan and Kyle to the school playground, starts up a game of tetherball (rather randomly, too), and is hanged to his death when the tetherball rope pins him to the pole as it wraps tightly around his neck. This is presumably because all the viewers expect Kenny to be killed in the crossfire, so this bizarre form of death is totally unexpected.

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