McNuggets is a young cornish rooster that plays Magic: The Gathering (CCG), who appeared in the Season Eighteen episode, "Cock Magic".


McNuggets was a rooster selected by the boys as their rooster for playing underground Magic: The Gathering, after Kenny McCormick found himself displeased by the use of roosters being forced to play the game for human amusement. He was named by Eric Cartman, who, along with Kyle Broflovski and Stan Marsh, convinced Kenny to take him. Soon, McNuggets finds himself in Magic: The Gathering competition, first defeating another rooster, Reuben. However, upon reaching the big leagues at the Panda Express, McNuggets is too scared to play against Gadnuk, Breaker of Worlds, a feared and revered rooster. Being unable to forfeit the game, Kenny steps in and plays Gadnuk in McNuggets' place, nearly defeating him until the police come and break up the game. McNuggets then goes on to play a combination game of Magic: The Gathering and girl's volleyball against South Park Elementary's girl's volleyball team, a game set up by Stan to make up for blowing off Wendy and girl's volleyball.


McNuggets is a normal, young rooster, with brown feathers and red wattles.


  • McNuggets is also the name of McDonald's chicken nuggets.
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