Mayor McDaniels is the mayor of South Park. She made her first appearance in "Weight Gain 4000" and still continues to make prominent appearances.


Attempted Suicide

After the music festival in "Die Hippie, Die" got out of control, the Mayor said, "What have I done?" and pulled out a gun. Her shadow on the wall showed her collapsing after a gun shot to the head. Later in the same episode she was seen alive with a bandage around her head stained with blood.

Creation and development

When Trey Parker and Matt Stone created the character of Mayor McDaniels, they wanted her to be a sophisticated and egotistical person as heard on the "Weight Gain 4000" commentary for South Park: The Complete First Season.


She wears a blue jacket and green trousers. She also wears gold earrings. Her hair is turquoise-blue, and her lips are rather thin.



The Mayor on South Park Studios

The Mayor acts like she is better than everyone else, most likely because she attended Princeton University. She also thinks South Park is a dump, as mentioned in several episodes. She tries to show that she has changed the town around, although, in reality, she hasn't done much. Though she occasionally seems like a relatively normal politician, she was happy to join Mr. Garrison, Jimbo, and others in cannibalism by eating Eric Roberts and the rest of a cast and crew from Hollywood who came to film a re-enactment of the shooting of Dr. Mephesto.

She once left the microphone on when Kathie Lee Gifford was giving out the prize for the best environmental essay and was overheard shouting she was "stuck in this stupid town with all these rednecks". Highly ambitious, it has been suggested she only became Mayor as a gateway to a higher political office in Colorado.


In the earlier seasons of the show, it was implied that Mayor McDaniels was either a closeted lesbian or bisexual. In "Spontaneous Combustion", she was seen at the City Hall, in bed wearing a mudpack while reading a porn magazine called "Gazunga's", which had a busty woman on the cover. As the series progressed, the concept of bisexuality became more likely, as she has had a few relationships with women and men.

The South Park Studios biography states that; "she and Officer Barbrady go looking for men nightly."

Jerome "Chef" McElroy

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In "Chef Aid", it is implied that she is not a lesbian, when she makes love to Chef, who was collecting money to pay for legal fees. He later uses the money to counter-sue the record company that sued him instead.

Officer Barbrady

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In "Starvin' Marvin" she acted sarcastically towards Dr. Mephesto when he explained to her about the rampaging turkeys. She was also very sarcastic to Chef when he told her about the zombie epidemic in the episode "Pinkeye".

In both episodes, in the same scenes, she was seen with Officer Barbrady, and her aides were nowhere to be found. This implies that, while she may have really been skeptical about their stories, she probably just wanted to get rid of them so she could resume being alone with Barbrady. It is implied in "Pinkeye" and in "Summer Sucks" that the two of them are having sexual intercourse, as in the former episode, Barbrady is seen in women's lingerie looking out from behind the desk. Both of them looked very haggard, while the mayor is listening to Chef, and a huge pile of cash was on top of the desk. Their relationship also, apparently, had no involvement with the Japanese mafia. In "Summer Sucks", it was shown that Barbrady was performing oral sex on her, though due to his lack of intellect, he may have been doing so unwittingly.

Liane Cartman

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Mayor McDaniels has apparently had sex with Liane Cartman, like many other men and women have. This is revealed at the end of "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut", when the overhead speaker says "Who is Eric Cartman's mother? Is it Mrs. Broflovski? The mayor? Mrs. Crabtree?" Cartman rejects having this knowledge revealed, so the possibility remained for several seasons that his mother was the mayor. This was later refuted in "201", where it was revealed to be a total lie.


The Mayor is always followed by her two aides. They make plans for which she inevitably takes credit. One of them is referred to as "Ted" in "Volcano". The other, "Johnson", is the non-mustached one, as seen in "A Very Crappy Christmas". Their names are taken from NFL player Ted Johnson, who used to play for New England Patriots.

In "Night of the Living Homeless", Ted helps the boys to escape from the homeless people when they get too high in number, but due to a car accident, he is killed. In the episode "Medicinal Fried Chicken" another man, in a suit similar to Jonhson's, is seen with the Mayor and Johnson a various times. This is most likely Ted's replacement.


  • As of Season Seventeen, Mayor McDaniels has had a speaking role in 45 episodes.



Mayor McDaniels after her gun shot injury in "Die Hippie Die".

Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Mayor McDaniels plays a minor role in the game. She can be found at City Hall and gives the player the side quest of beating up all the homeless people in town.


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