The Mayor's Rival is the unnamed rival mayor of Mayor McDaniels who made her only appearance briefly in the Season Thirteen episode "The F Word".


After the people of South Park start using the word "fag" as an insult towards the obnoxious Harley Riders due to The Boys convincing the Mayor to pass a new ordinance allowing the word to be used that way, Mayor McDaniels angrily yells at them to see her in her office when they are playing basketball. She turns on her television to show another mayor giving a speech about their use of the word, saying that the word "fag" is still officially defined as a pejorative term against homosexuals in the dictionary and saying that South Park is out of touch with the progressive world. This enrages Mayor McDaniels, as her rival is gaining more support than her.

She also makes a brief cameo appearance in "Where My Country Gone?", where she can be seen sitting to the left of Mr. Garrison in Mr. Stkrdknmibalz's language class.


The rival mayor has combed light gray hair and light gray eyebrows. She wears a teal jacket over a white shirt, teal pants, teal high-heeled shoes, and a small golden earring on each ear.


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