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Master P performed the song "Kenny's Dead" on Chef Aid: The South Park Album. He also appeared in the accompanying mockumentary, Chef Aid: Behind the Menu, in which he talked about Chef's influence on his career.

Master P is one of the musicians who join the boys' band, Moop, in their strike against illegal music downloading in the South Park episode "Christian Rock Hard". He has yet to have any speaking lines.



Master P in Chef Aid: Behind the Menu.

In "Christian Rock Hard", he can be seen at his home wearing a black and gold jersey, a white sweat bands, black shoes, and silver chain. He has black hair braided in the style of cornrows, a popular hair style amongst African Americans.

In the mockumentary, Chef Aid: Behind the Menu, he can be seen wearing a black baseball cap backwards, a black leather coat, sunglasses, earrings, and a gold chain.

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