The Marsh Residence was the Marsh family's house before moving out to Tegridy Farms. It first appeared in the episode "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride".



The Marshes' Former House is built to the same basic floorplan as most of the other houses. The color of the house was light green in early episodes (making it look identical to Cartman's current house), but later changed to dark green. It has two stories and an attached garage.


The Marshes' Former House has a front room, which has the dining room in it as well. It also has a kitchen, two bathrooms, and four bedrooms.

List of People that reside here


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Stan's House was the first level in which Cartman warns Stan about the Ginger Kids before they attack. Achievements that could easily be achieved in this level are:

  • Rochambeau: Awarded for using a special ability. Image: Cartman next to an explosion.
  • Couch Potato: Awarded for watching a video in the scrapbook. Image: The extremely obese Cartman from Make Love, Not Warcraft

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Side Quests

Stan gets the New Kid to fight Shelly so he can get his iPhone back.

Underpants for "Phase One" can be collected in both Stan's room and the master bedroom.



  • Shelly - Becomes your friend after you defeat her.
  • Bradley Biggle - Can be found hiding in the bushes by the house (gnome dust required).


  • Druid Robes - Found in the yellow crate in Stan's garage.


  • Randy Marsh has a basic science laboratory in the basement.
  • Their television was stolen in "About Last Night...", but they either got it back or bought a new one, because a television in their living room is shown in later episodes.
  • In Season One, when they show outside shots of Stan's house, it is the same color as Cartman's House.
  • The house was destroyed in "Quintuplets 2000", however, it was rebuilt in later episodes.
  • In the episode "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants", the name of the Marsh Residence's street (Bonanza Street) is shown on an envelope that Stan sent to one of The Afghan Boys a for a school-mandated fundraiser.
  • The picture in the living room is of Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park.
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