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For the alien race, see Marklar.

Marklar is an Earth-like planet inhabited by aliens of the same name and is Starvin' Marvin's current home. It first appears in the Season Three episode "Starvin' Marvin in Space".


Planet Marklar on outside

In "Starvin' Marvin in Space", the boys and Starvin' Marvin travel to Marklar and they speak with the leader of the planet, telling them that Marvin lives on a part of Earth that can't grow food and that he would like to live on the planet. The Boys then attempt to get Marvin and the rest of the Ethiopian Tribe back to Marklar before the Christian missionaries do in order to prevent them from spreading their beliefs to the Marklar. They successfully manage to get them onto Marklar, with the aliens allowing them to live on the planet after Kyle gives a speech in their language.

Marklar also makes a brief appearance in "The Red Badge of Gayness" when Cartman's screams are heard from Earth after Kyle rips off his beard.

It is also mentioned in "Cancelled", where one of the Joozians says they took a hundred of the aliens on Marklar and put them on an asteroid with aliens from the Horsehead Nebula.