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Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Facebook. While Facebook has been parodied and featured in South Park several times before, Zuckerberg himself did not make an appearance until the Season Twenty-One episode, "Franchise Prequel".


In the episode, "Franchise Prequel", Zuckerberg is invited to South Park by the parents of the town. Once he actually visits the town, he proves himself to be of no help or value to them, and becomes a nuisance, pillaging through their homes and lounging around like a couch potato. He later agrees to aid Butters in his plan to create fake 'news' about the Coon and Friends group by making fake posts about them on Facebook, ruining their reputation, and keeping Netflix from green-lighting their superhero franchise.

Later, while he is trespassing into the town, Jimmy runs around him as Fastpass, providing a distraction for Token, who appears as Tupperware, and fires bursts of energy at him, to which Zuckerberg fires back in his mind but misses every shot. Kyle then runs up to him as the Human Kite, and punches him in the crotch, sending him to the ground. He is subsequently attacked by all the remaining members of the Coon and Friends. Zuckerberg stands up, and the Coon and Friends dramatically fall to the ground. Cartman then appears as the Coon, and tells all the town citizens watching that Zuckerberg had attacked innocent children who were simply trying to save black lives, and simultaneously support Jews, and crippled people. Zuckerberg is thwarted by the Coon and Friends and is forced to take down Facebook, ruining Professor Chaos's plan.


He is an adult male ginger with a pale face, wide staring eyes, and rosey red cheeks. He wears a gray shirt and jeans. He has a robotic, artificial voice - sounding poorly 'dubbed', like a character from a 1970's kung-fu movie.


Zuckerberg is petulant, immature, and acts entitled to everything. He seems lost in his imagination, challenging people to "block him", mocking them about their style (which he pronounces "shtoile"), and launching imaginary balls of energy at them in his mind. He is also extremely disrespectful towards the privacy of others, invading the homes of people in South Park against their will, arrogantly believing he has a right to infringe upon the space of others, which is clearly a criticism of his Facebook practises being intrusive of its user's privacy.

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