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Mark McGwire is a professional baseball player who appears in the episode "Up the Down Steroid", in which he presented the award at the Special Olympics, along with Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi. His role in the episode is minor and he has yet to make another appearance.


Mark McGwire wears his St. Louis Cardinals baseball uniform which consists of black shoes, gray pants with a red belt, a gray jersey with 'McGwire' written in red, and a red baseball cap with the word 'Mac' embroidered in white. He appears physically strong, having exaggerated upper body muscles. He also has a blond goatee.


  • Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Jason Giambi have been linked, or allegedly linked to, the use of steroids in Major League Baseball.
  • The embroidered 'Mac' on his cap is a reference to his nickname "Big Mac".


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