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Mark is a musician and member of Skyler Morse's band The Lords of the Underworld who appeared in the episodes "Cat Orgy" and "Timmy 2000". He had a cameo along with the rest of the band in "Christian Rock Hard".


Mark wears a short-sleeved pink shirt, torn cyan shorts, pink socks, and black shoes. Jonesy has long, messy brown hair and appears to be underweight. He has many dirt marks on his shorts.


Mark is the bass guitarist in Skyler's band (despite playing a six-string guitar, although he may play a six-string bass), and his personality is a parody of the 'peacemaker bassist' archetype in stereotypical rock bands. Despite playing in a heavy rock outfit, Mark is portrayed as comically passive. This is evidenced by his most distinguishing feature; his quiet, high-pitched, faintly lisping voice, which always makes him sound nervous and uncertain of what he's saying irrespective of context.

The key instances of his nervous behavior are in "Timmy 2000" when he lisps quietly, upon hearing Skyler and Jonesy fighting at practice, "Hey you guys you better stop fighting..." whilst hugging his beat up six-string guitar defensively. Similarly, near the end of the episode, after Skyler's solo act fails, he says "Oh so now that they want us, you think you can just waltz, um, back into our lives and be in the band again?". This is the angriest Mark has ever been to date. More instances of angry behavior occur in "Cat Orgy" when he calls Shelly a bitch and challenging her to do better after she states that they need work after performing a song Skyler wrote for her.

Unlike Skyler, who seems motivated by the idea of fame, or Jonesy, who veers between disinterest and enthusiasm for their 8-year-old rock band; Mark seems actually motivated by the desire to play music. His quiet comments are always about the interests of the band, not himself, and he also defends Timmy in "Timmy 2000" when Skyler gets jealous of him, saying "Skyler, Timmy is what made our band famous!"

Also, the only times he ever seems anything other than nervous is when he's playing onstage. Then, he starts to headbang more naturally (as opposed to the static, practice headbangs the band do in their garage) and stamps his left leg to the beat. This is also the only time he genuinely smiles. Along with Jonesy, he provided the backing vocals for Skyler and later Timmy, though he always does a higher harmony than the other band members.



  • Although he is the band's bassist, he plays a guitar with only three strings, however, six tuners are present on the headstock.


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