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For the episode of the same name, see Marjorine.

Marjorine is Butters Stotch wearing a female disguise seen in the Season Nine episode, "Marjorine".


Cartman assembles a meeting with the male 4th graders in his basement in order to show them a recording in which the girls are using a cootie catcher. Believing it's a "future-telling device", the boys decide to send Butters disguised as a girl to Heidi Turner's slumber party in order to steal the device. To avoid suspicions from the girls, the boys fake Butters' death and the next day he shows up at school as Marjorine, the new girl in town who moved from Dallas. During her introduction, she mentions to the class that she likes dancing, ponies, and "getting [her] snooch pounded on Friday nights". Clyde expresses enthusiasm towards this and Janet Garrison tells her that is not very ladylike, while the other girls criticize her way of dressing.

Heidi's mother informs her daughter that she also invited Marjorine to the slumber party because her mother insisted, much to Heidi's anger. It is revealed that Marjorine's mother is in fact Cartman, who made sure that Butters is going to the party, while he and the other boys watch what's happening from the bushes outside, in front of Turner Residence. Outside, the boys offer advice to Marjorine before the party. During the party, the girls continue to pick on Marjorine, telling her that she's ugly, flat, and that nobody wants her at the party. Hearing Marjorine crying in the bathroom, the girls decide to apologize and give her a complete makeup. After the boys check on Marjorine through the window and see her dancing with other girls, Heidi's mother informs Marjorine that her mother is on the phone for her. Cartman, pretending again to be Marjorine's mother, yells at her on the phone and tells her to get the "device" faster. Looking through the window with a binocular, Heidi's father finds Craig, Tweek, and Token hiding in the bushes in front of the house and yells that there are boys at the party. Believing that he has been found out, Butters steals the "device" and runs away. Outside, Butters tells Stan that the "device" is only trouble. He gets rid of his Marjorine disguise and goes back home to tell his parents he's not dead.

It is unknown whether the girls realized at that point that Marjorine was really Butters as after that, the girls just said "What the hell?" and "Someone give me a piece of notebook paper so I can make another one."


For Marjorine's real family see Butters Stotch.

Eric Cartman

Cartman was Marjorine's fake mother, claiming he is a governor's assistant.



  • The choice for the name of Butters' alias was chosen as a joke because Marjorine is similar to the imitation butter spread, Margarine.

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