Manuelo Furnanda, also called by the nickname "The Destructor", is a boxer from Del Fuego, Mexico who appears in the Season Nine episode "Wing".


Manuelo appears on The Contender, a hit show created by Sylvester Stallone as the opponent for Wing Han Tsang. While Manuelo does actual boxing against her, Wing ends up singing the song "Fernando" by ABBA, allowing Manuelo to punch her repeatedly and easily win the match.


Manuelo's head appears shaved almost bald and has brown eyebrows and a small brown goatee. He wears blue and white boxing shorts with "Jesus" written on them, black boots, and red boxing gloves with bandages on the wrist of each glove. He has multiple tattoos on his body including a flaming skull on his right shoulder, "4 Life" written on his chest, and "Maria" written above his left breast. He does not have any speaking lines in his appearance.

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