The Manatees are the writers of the animated television series Family Guy. Their names are Gretchen, Flubber, Tigger, Pete and Lucy, and hail from the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. They live in a tank filled with idea balls, each containing a noun, verb, adjective, celebrity, etc. They pick five balls and they are placed in a compartment which arranges them into a cutaway joke. If one idea ball is taken away, the manatees stop working, losing money for the series. No matter what the executives do, the manatees refuse to work, even if they offer a raise. They appeared in "Cartoon Wars Part II".

Judging from their location, they are likely West Indian Manatees.


  • A manatee first appeared in Fat Camp.
  • The Family Guy writers embrace the joke, and even previews for episodes sometimes include the term "This week, the Manatees decided..."
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