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The Man with Orange Shirt is a South Park citizen who first appears in the Season Twenty-Two episode "Dead Kids".


"Dead Kids"

His cameo appearance in "Dead Kids"

He first makes a background appearance in "Dead Kids" as one of the parents watching Randy Marsh sing (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story to Sharon in the school lobby. The crowd is oblivious to the ongoing school shooting as Cartman and Tolkien burst through the door he is standing next to and run to class.

"The Problem with a Poo"

He has his first speaking role in this episode. At Food 4 Little, he sees Strong Woman shopping with the PC Babies and comments about how PC they are. Strong Woman denies that they are PC Babies but he proves his point by telling the babies that Monica Lewinsky is becoming Republican, making them cry.

"The Pandemic Special"

In the episode, after Randy Marsh finds out that he is responsible for the transmission of COVID-19 from animals to humans, he walks down Main Street and looks at the destruction the coronavirus has brought. The street is now deserted, businesses are closed, and people are losing their loved ones. This man sees Randy and approaches him, thanking him for his Pandemic Special. Randy feels very uncomfortable and tries to walk off, but the man explains that the marijuana has helped him cope with the death of his wife from COVID-19 and being unable to face his children. Overwhelmed with guilt, Randy yells at him to stop and runs away.


The Man with Orange Shirt has short gray hair that is lighter on his sideburns. He wears a dark orange collared shirt with a chest pocket and rolled-up sleeves, light gray pants and black shoes. In "The Pandemic Special", he wears a light gray mask.


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