The Man with Burgundy Coat is a South Park citizen who appears in the Season Twenty-Four episode, "South ParQ Vaccination Special". He is the main singer of "Need a Shot".


He is one of the people seen queuing for the COVID-19 vaccine outside Walgreens at the beginning of the episode, trying to convince the security guard to let them in. Throughout the episode, he is desperate to get the vaccine. After the Kommunity Kidz steal the vaccines, he and a large group of people gather outside the Cartman Residence to try to get a dose. He starts singing "Need a Shot" in an attempt to convince the boys to give him the vaccine, and is joined by the other people in the crowd. He is seen at the end of the episode, celebrating with other townsfolk because they have been vaccinated.


The man wears a black beanie over his brown hair and has a mustache the same color. He wears a burgundy coat with a black collar, black pants, and orange shoes. He also wears a medical over face mask.

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