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The Man with Brown Jacket is a murderous customer who first appears in the Season Seventeen episode, "Black Friday".


In "Black Friday", he is one of the parents who starts lining up at South Park Mall way in advance to get the new Stop Touching Me Elmo doll that is to be launched on Black Friday. The Old Cap tells the parents to get behind the Black Friday line.

At the end of the episode, Randy Marsh gives out wristbands to shoppers to hold their places in line for Black Friday which leads to a brawl. When the Old Cap tries to intervene, the man with brown jacket fatally stabs him with a knife while vowing to buy his son an Elmo doll.

The man with brown jacket later appears in the episode "Titties and Dragons". George R. R. Martin arrives to cut the ribbon launching Black Friday but he instead speaks of his penis. Angered by the delay, this man cuts off George's penis with the same knife before cutting the ribbon, starting Black Friday.

Although thousands of shoppers are killed on Black Friday, this man apparently survives, as he makes background appearances in the Season Twenty-Three episodes "Let Them Eat Goo" and "Christmas Snow".


He has dark brown hair. He wears a light brown knee-length jacket, under which he wears a white shirt with a gray tie under a black suit, black pants, and black shoes.


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