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"Make Love, Not Warcraft"
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Episode no. Season 10
Episode 8
Production no. 1008
Original airdate October 4, 2006
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"Make Love, Not Warcraft" is the eighth episode of Season Ten, and the 147th overall episode of South Park. It aired on October 4, 2006.[1]


The boys dedicate their lives to defeating a mad gamer and saving the World of Warcraft.[1]


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Plot details follow.

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny are playing World of Warcraft while waiting for Cartman (who states that he took a big crap in the toilet) and are briefly interrupted when Randy Marsh tells Stan to get off his computer and socialize, in which Stan remarks that he is socializing online. Returning to the game, the boys were soon killed by a player who is at a very high level than them, despite the boys having to not agree to be in a duel. The other player is in fact a stereotypical nerd.

The next day, the boys decide to phone the World of Warcraft support line at Blizzard Entertainment. The representative explains that the boys would have had to agree to a duel before fighting, but Stan informs her that the player kills them regardless. The representative says the problem will be fixed, but informs a co-worker that more people are complaining over their characters getting killed and that they should tell the men upstairs.

In their main office, the administrators and Game Masters discuss the problem at hand, that if people's characters kept getting killed like this, their frustration will cause players to leave. The CEO of Blizzard Entertainment stated that the player who is not playing by the rules has been farming on World of Warcraft at every hour of every day without stopping for the past year and a half, and has become so powerful, that he can kill the Game Masters and Admins (who can otherwise ban on sight). He states that the player "has absolutely no life", and questions how can they kill that which has no life.

At work, Randy has begun playing World of Warcraft as he informs the game to his colleague Nelson and about how he is a brave adventurer in the game. And from behind, the same player that killed his son's character kills him.

At his basement, Cartman summons some of his male classmates, specifically, Butters Stotch, Tweek Tweak, Jimmy Valmer, Timmy Burch, Tolkien Black, Clyde Donovan, Craig Tucker, Jason White, and Kevin Stoley, and explains how they should all team up and kill the rogue player with a plan they state for that night. Everyone agrees (along with a reluctant Clyde whom Cartman compares to the French in World War II against Hitler). Butters states he does not play World of Warcraft at all but has been on his computer for so long because he has in fact been playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Cartman tells him to buy World of Warcraft and join the online war sensation or else he threatens him that everyone will "murder him" (beat him up).

Later that night, on the game, the boys prepare to attack the rogue player. They all start battling him as they think they have the chance but they all ultimately fail, owing to Clyde who has stopped playing to read a Playboy magazine, Cartman disallowing Butters to play as a dwarf, and Randy joining the game again. As the administrators are spectating, they believe that they have nothing to do to stop that player, thinking that it is the end of the World of Warcraft.

At the basketball court, Cartman interrupts Stan, Kyle, and Kenny's game explaining how they should play the game, and do something that matters. Cartman suggests they try and get up to a really high level by killing boars alone in the woods, in which the players cannot do battles there, but with the boars giving low experience points, Cartman calculates that they can get 65 million experience points within seven weeks. So the boys begin their mission to slaughter millions of them as they sit in front of their monitors during a montage of Paul Stanley's "Live to Win". As time progresses, they begin to gain weight until they are all the size of Cartman, yet Cartman is still fatter because he has doubled in weight. The admins of the game make notice of their progress and now think they have hope for those boys.

One of the staff states that those players could be the ones that legend said they would be able to wield the Sword of a Thousand Truths, a weapon that was so superior that it was too powerful to use which was removed from the game. The group then goes to get the sword's USB flash drive and decide that these players could use the sword to stop the rogue player before it is too late.

In Cartman's basement, the boys arrive on the day to prepare for the final battle that will last for many hours, while Liane Cartman is supplying the boys with everything they need. They target their enemy and begun to fight.

At Stan's house, Randy opens the door to two members of the staff from Blizzard Entertainment, who state that they need to give Stan the sword, or his character will die. Within seventeen hours, Kyle gets a severe case of carpal tunnel, and Cartman has to give him cream to rub on his hand. Randy and the staff rushed to Stan's room only to find it empty, with Sharon explaining that Stan has taken his computer to Cartman's house. The staff explains that it is too late to find a computer now, and that they do not have accounts to give Stan the sword. Randy tells that he has one, but he is a noob to beat off the player. The staff says they cannot give the sword to a noob, but Randy convinces them that they do not have a choice but to make him hold the power.

Cartman calls his mom to go reach a bedpan so he can defecate in. Randy manages to hijack a car, and along with the Blizzard staff, they rush to Best Buy. Randy shoves a boy off a computer and signs in, making his way to Stan to give him the sword (after being shown how to pass things from one player to another). Stan finally lifts the sword and Randy is knocked down. By telling the player that he killed his father, Stan blasts the sword into him. The rogue's defenses are lowered dramatically, and the boys continue shooting him, finally, Cartman (after uttering the immortal line "Looks like you're about to get pwned!") kills him off by crushing his head with his hammer. The defeated nerd looks at his computer screen in disbelief as to his surprise, his character has been killed.

Stan runs to his dad's decaying body, with Randy saying he loves him so much and does a dramatic death, with him logging out. The boys celebrate their victory, as do Randy and the staff along with the other players. The boys see themselves as heroes and relieved that the battle's over, Stan questions what they should do now after the rouge player is defeated. Cartman explains they can finally play the game now, which they continue doing.


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