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  • Mr. Kitty was revealed to be a hermaphrodite by South Park Studios on the FAQs section of South Park Studios.[1]
  • The Large-Breasted Woman was performed live by porn actress Lisa Daniels then animated later. This technique is called rotoscoping.
  • This is the first and only episode to get a TV-MA-LSV rating, however, this episode is now rated TV-14-DLSV as of 2017.[2]
  • This episode shows Gerald Broflovski without his Kippah for the first and only time.
  • When Kyle leaves his room to answer the doorbell, a doll of one of the Joozian executives can be seen on his floor.
  • The scene in which Gerald Broflovski gives a press conference is a reference to former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's press conference when he was forced to resign.
  • Kenny's mouth is briefly seen when he vomits.

References to Popular Culture

  • The fantasy sequences in this episode broadly reference the 1981 animated anthology film Heavy Metal in animation style, as well as many specific details:
    • The Loc-Nar Trophy is a reference to the Loc-Nar, the film's central villain.
    • The Large-Breasted Woman is a reference to Taarna, the protagonist of the film's most famous segment.
    • Gerald's bomber is a B-17, just like the "Pacific Pearl" section of the film.
      • The nose art on Gerald's plane identifies it as the "Jewish Princess".
    • Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride) by Don Felder plays each time someone cheeses.
    • Kenny's car is a 1979 black Pontiac Trans Am, a reference to the film's white Corvette.
      • Due to the animation difficulty, a 3-D model was sometimes used in these scenes.
  • In the attic where Cartman hides the cats, there is a picture of Arthur Conan Doyle, and he tells his cat to "write a diary".
  • Cartman hiding multiple cats in his attic references the Diary of Anne Frank.
  • When he goes out to let in Rufus, Cartman wears a fedora and overcoat similar to Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List.


  • This is one of several episodes that focus on Kenny after his death in "Kenny Dies".
  • In Kenny's house, a bullet hole in the window is visible, referencing his death from "The List".
  • This episode featured Kenny's first speaking appearance of the season.
  • Mr. Kitty reappears in this episode, having only been occasionally mentioned since "Cat Orgy".
  • In the scene where Kyle's mother finds the cat hidden in her son's dresser drawer, there is a photo of Kyle with his pet elephant near the window on the nightstand. This is a reference to the episode "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig".


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