Earvin "Magic" Johnson Jr. appears in the episode "Tonsil Trouble". He is a retired basketball player with HIV.


Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski went to go see Johnson when Cartman infected Kyle with AIDS for teasing Cartman about having the disease. He, unlike other victims of the virus, had not yet had the virus develop into full-blown AIDS. It turns out that this is because he sleeps with all of his money in his bedroom, which turns out to be the key to discovering a cure for AIDS.


Johnson is bald and wears a purple jacket over white t-shirt and purple track pants. His jacket has his number on it, number 32, with a star over it. He owns a mansion, in front of which, there is a large fountain with two sculptures of a lion on it. His garage door is made of gold and also has the number 32 on it.


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