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Maggie Yates is the wife of Harrison Yates, the head detective with the Park County Police Department. She is very supportive of his work and though she often expressed concern for his health and safety, she always encourages him to stay on the force and continue his work.

She first appears in the Season Eight episode, "The Jeffersons", where she convinces her husband not to quit the force to continue his duty of framing rich, innocent black people.


She has curly light brown hair with yellow hair clips separated into two bangs. She wears a purple cardigan, a blue shirt, a red skirt, gray leggins, and earrings.

In "Pajama Day", she wore a pink cozy shirt with purple trimmings, purple pants with hearts, and purple slippers as pajamas. She also has her earrings removed.


Maggie is a supportive wife who ignores her own fears about her husband's profession to reassure and inspire him to do what he loves and cares for him a great deal. She worries for his safety and often questions his lack of calls or explanations for her while he is working, but always forgives them. She is also skilled at video games and very determined, starting a brand-new Red Dead Redemption 2 save and progressing far more than her husband after he lectures her for ruining his save file., proving herself a superior gamer to him and refusing to play with him now after he previously rejected her. He also suggests she is a gossip when he lectures the town about not giving into the temptation to look at people's internet history and share it, though she does not display this trait herself. Like her husband, she appears to be extremely racist, believing that framing rich black people for crimes they did not commit is a noble and just duty.

She seems to have an Irish accent, hinting she may originally have come from Ireland.


Harrison Yates

She appears to genuinely care for her husband, Harrison Yates, often worrying about whether or not he is going to come home after working with the police force, sometimes for days at a time, on highly dangerous cases. Despite how much she would rather have him home safe, she always encourages him to continue doing his job and assures him that he is good at it. She knows that his duty of framing innocent rich black people is his calling in life, and tells him to go back to work rather than quit the police force. She also reassures him to keep protecting readers from bad dining experiences.

They have a son, mentioned by Harrison in "Cartman's Incredible Gift".


  • "I'm twice the man you are now"

Maggie Yates: "Not another word of that kind of talk, Harrison Yates. Believe me I would love nothin' more than to have you quit the force and no longer have to worry about whether or not you're comin' home. But I know you. Framin' rich black men for crimes they didn't commit is in your blood. Wipin' that rich, smug smile off their faces is the only thing that puts a smile on yours. You're a good cop, Harrison Yates. You don't have to question that. Because I'm here to tell you." from "The Jeffersons"


  • While the character often refers to himself as "Detective Harris" when alongside other characters and is referred to as such by other police officers, Maggie refers to him by the full name "Harrison Yates" in each of her appearances.


  • "The Jeffersons" - Tells her husband not to quit the police force and to continue to frame rich black men for crimes they did not commit.
  • "You're Not Yelping" - Once again encourages her husband to stay in the police force.
  • "Not Funny" - Seen at church, where Yates belittles her as a gossip.
  • "A Boy And A Priest" - Seen walking into church.
  • "Time To Get Cereal" - Played Red Dead Redemption II on her husband's save game when he was away, much to his annoyance.
  • "Nobody Got Cereal?" - Starts a new save game on Red Dead Redemption II and becomes better at the game than Harrison.