Madonna is an American musician who is famous for songs such as "Vogue", "Like a Virgin", and "Material Girl". She appeared in the episode "Kenny Dies".


When Kenny McCormick is suffering from an debilitating illness and was hospitalized in Kenny Dies, Wish people suggested that maybe he'd like to meet Madonna. Kenny however rejects this wish, calling Madonna "an anorexic whore who wishes she was British" and that she should "go fuck herself".

At that moment, Madonna herself asked if she should enter the room in an English accent that was obviously fake, but the Foundation decided it wasn't a good time.

In A Nightmare on Face Time, Stan Marsh tells Randy Marsh that renting DVD's is "more ancient than Madonna's boobs".


Madonna seems excessively skinny, she is possibly anorexic, as referenced by Kenny. She also has a large head, a large nose, large lips, small eyes slathered in mascara and blue eye shadow, and sunken in cheeks. She wore a white crop top with the American flag in the shape of a "2" at its center as well as a white skirt with what resembled the brown patches commonly seen on cows.


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