Mabel Louise Cartman was Eric Cartman's maternal grandmother who first appeared in "Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods". She was married to Harold Cartman.


Her first appearance was when Eric Cartman called her amongst his other relatives and friends so as to remind them to watch him sing part of the Cheesy Poofs Theme Song in a Cheesy Poofs commercial.

Mabel and the other Cartman relatives appeared prominently shortly after in the episode "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!", in which her daughter Liane Cartman, along with Eric, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick go to spend Christmas with the Cartman family in Nebraska.

Cartman was particularly excited due to the fact that his grandmother always gave him spectacular gifts. However, he was sorely disappointed when Mabel gave him a simple shirt, stating that she had gone senile and needed to be put into a home. The family would later enjoy a family dinner, along with Mabel's son Howard Cartman, who was in prison and who joined the family via TV. Howard, along with his cell mate Charlie Manson would later break-out and hold the family hostage, until they were at last re-arrested by the police.

Grandma Mabel later died of an unknown cause, and the funeral was depicted in "Cartmanland". Cartman was furious at the funeral being held on a Saturday and complained throughout it all, stating "It didn't take her this long to die..." However at the reading of the will it was revealed that, she left her family next to nothing money-wise due to the fact that they would "Just spend it on crack". All of her wealth, which rounded off to a million dollars, was left to Eric, who used the money to buy his own amusement park.


Mabel appears to be quite old, with an aged face with many wrinkles. She wears a lavender colored sweater and gold-rimmed glasses. She has grey hair.


Like the rest of the Cartman family, she appears to have adopted some of Eric's mannerisms, albeit to a much lesser extent than most of her family members. She is generally much more level-headed and considerate than most of her family.



  • Cartman, trying to get back his $16.12 in "Scott Tenorman Must Die", tells Scott that his Grandma is dying, a few weeks later she actually does die in the episode "Cartmanland", which means that Cartman could've been telling the truth.
  • According to Cartman, she has Dutch and Irish ancestry.


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