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M Burgers is a fast food restaurant first seen in the Season Eighteen episode, "Cock Magic", and first mentined in the Season Fifteen episode "Crack Baby Athletic Association". It is a parody of the real world fast food chain McDonald's. In "Crack Baby Athletic Association" and "Basic Cable", it is stated that the restaurant actually is McDonald's.


Large amounts of fries from the restaurant, which is stated to actually be McDonald's, are seen in Eric Cartman's office in "Crack Baby Athletic Association", set next to a large hot tub full of KFC gravy. The restaurant was where the boys went to lunch to discuss their excitement about the previous nights Cock Magic tournament and in obtaining a rooster of their own, later named McNuggets in honor of the menu item at the restaurant.

In "The Damned", Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner go to the restaurant while bonding over not being on social media networks any longer, due to their phones and computers being destroyed. They discover they are more alike than previously known.

Heidi and Cartman are shown at the restaurant again in "Fort Collins".

In "Basic Cable", Clark Malkinson goes into the drive thru on his way to a job and orders a value meal. Here, it is stated to actually be McDonald's by the drive-thru attendant.


The restaurant is colored red and yellow, with booths and tables. This color and name resembles the real fast food chain McDonald's but is not named that and only referred to as M.



  • In almost every episde it appears in, it is referred to as "M Burgers" by the logo on the building, but Cartman mentions it as McDonald's in "Not Funny". M Burgers is revealed to actually be McDonald's in "Crack Baby Athletic Association" and "Basic Cable".‎