Loogie is the main antagonist of "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000." He is an obese mobster with a gangster's suit.

In the episode, he runs the local South Park tooth trading business and gets annoyed when Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny muscle in on his "patch". He speaks with an accent typical to that of Mafia bosses in the media and consumes a lot of spaghetti and even gets his henchman to try to kill Kenny. He employs tons of people in his business, including Timmy. Loogie's tooth trading business falls apart after he decides to join a sports team.


Loogie wears a black gangster's suit with a red tie, which is stereotypical of the Mafia popular culture. His hair is black and he is more physically imposing than the majority of the boys, but without the obesity present in Cartman.


Loogie remains calm in most situations and possesses, or feigns, a cold and cruel personality, to the extreme of trying to murder Kenny. He communicates with his associates mostly through cell phone. Loogie will revert to a high-pitched voice when talking to adults, trying to hide his Mafia-like personality. It is also likely that this is his normal voice and when he is speaking on the most part, it is a put-on voice.


  • He seems to have a slight persona from The Godfather, he could be inspired by Don Vito Corleone.
  • Cartman referred to him as a "Polack", a derogatory term for someone who is Polish or of Polish descent.
  • He also makes an appearance in "Professor Chaos" of Season Six, as one of the candidates for Stan, Kyle and Cartman's fourth friend. He does not have a speaking line, but does receive a rose to go on to the second round.
  • Loogie can be seen running out of the school in "Butt Out".
  • Due to scheduling conflicts, Trey Parker completed guest actor Richard Belzer's lines.



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