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Loogie's Associates are characters who appear in the episode "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000", where they are seen working for Loogie's tooth trading business. The only one of the three who has a name is Kolovski, the boy with the green shirt.


Loogie's Associates start a conflict with The Boys after finding them in Cherry Creek doing the same thing that they always did: putting a tooth under the pillow of a rich child and collect the money later. Loogie's Associates take the boys to Loogie's Ristorante, where Loogie, their boss, reveals how the tooth trade works.

Loogie's Associates are later seen throwing Kenny (who was trapped in concrete galoshes) into a river to drown. However, they end up throwing him in a shallow part of the river.

They later appear at the end of the episode with Loogie and the rest of the crew, to finally end Cartman, Stan, and Kyle, but before they can do anything, they are caught by the dentists (led by Dr. Foley, who knew about Tooth Trade), but they are prevented after Kyle summons a giant squirrel chicken, which scares all dentists and Loogie's crew.


Kolovski has spiky brown hair and wears a white shirt under a green jacket and jeans. One of the other two boys has combed orange hair and wears a white shirt under a red jacket, brown belt with golden buckle, and blue jeans. The other has curly brown hair and wears a white shirt under a yellow long-sleeved shirt and dark green pants.


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