Lolly the Candy Man is the owner of Lolly's Candy Factory. Lolly had a contest to see who would get to have a candy shopping spree in his store, which Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny won. He gave them a ticket stub, which Kenny held on to.

Lolly first appears in "A Ladder to Heaven", where he won't allow Stan, Kyle, and Cartman to go on their candy shopping spree, unless they acquire their winning ticket stub within one week.


Lolly is extremely overweight. He has red hair that goes to the sides of his head, with no hair on the top of his head. Lolly wears a striped, clown-like costume.


  • Lolly is most likely a spoof of Willy Wonka, a man who owns a chocolate factory in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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