Lola is one of the background characters in the 4th grade class, but not in Herbert Garrison's class. She is part of "the popular girls" clique in the class, along with Wendy, Bebe, Millie, Rebecca, Esther, Annie, Heidi, and sometimes Sally. In her first appearance in "Follow That Egg!", she was paired with Token in the class project where they had to take care of an egg. They were given a black egg by Mrs. Garrison as a racist joke to Token.

In "The List", she is one of the heads of the list committee and conspires with Bebe, Rebecca, and an unnamed black-haired girl to make Clyde popular so they can get free shoes. However, Wendy (along with Stan), manages to foil their plot.


Her long, brown hair is styled in a side part with bangs, and held back by a dark green headband. She wears a green shirt and a pair of dark gray pants. Her hairstyle is similar to that of Jessie, a character who appeared in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" (though Jessie was a blonde). As the kids step outside to watch Wendy's fight against Cartman, she is briefly seen wearing eggplant-colored gloves.



Lola showed a lot of admiration for Butters after seeing his talents in literature, saying he's brooding and full of angst. It is unknown if she feels anything else for Butters however this gives us the idea that Lola likes complex men who have a strong focus in writing and detail.


"The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs"

(Lola and Rebecca rush to Butters' defense as Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny are all angry at him for taking credit for writing the title book)

Rebecca: Hey hey, you guys leave Butters alone! He's a very fragile artist.

Lola: (rather gushingly) He's so brooding and full of angst.

Butters: Yeah, I'm brooding.

Cartman: Butters doesn't deserve any of the credit for writing Scrotie McBoogerballs; we deserve all the credit!

Rebecca: Oh God, you guys are pathetic!

Lola: Yeah, get a life and stop mooching off others' success for once!

Episodes in Which She is Prominent

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