Lola is a female student at South Park Elementary. She is in the fourth grade. She is a member of "the popular girls" clique in the class, along with Wendy, Bebe, Red, and others.


Lola was a background character, first appearing in "AWESOM-O", watching a video of Cartman; she is seen sitting in front of Pip and next to Kevin. Lola has almost no appearances between this and the later episode, "Follow That Egg!", where she was paired with Token in the class project where they had to take care of an egg. She is frequently seen with Red.

In "The List", she is one of the heads of the list committee and conspires with Bebe, Red, and Jenny Simon to make Clyde popular so they can get free shoes. However, Wendy and Stan manage to foil their plot. Since this episode she has been seen frequently as one of the more main girls in episodes such as "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs".

Some fans debate whether Lola is in Mr. Garrison's class, as she is only seen there on a few occasions, however students fluctuate often; Kevin Stoley and Tweek Tweak, per example, are excluded often in new episodes, and it's unknown how canonical the classroom roster is.

As most of the residents in South Park are Roman Catholic, it can be assumed that she is most likely the same religion.


Her long, brown hair is styled in a side part with bangs, and held back by a dark green headband. She wears a plain, long sleeved green shirt and a pair of dark gray pants. She has also been seen wearing blue pants in place of gray ones. Her hairstyle is similar to Jessie's. She is seen wearing plum gloves as the kids step outside to watch the fight in "Breast Cancer Show Ever".


Lola's father can be seen with her in "Safe Space".


Butters Stotch

Lola showed a lot of admiration for Butters in "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" after seeing his talents in literature, saying he's brooding and full of angst. It is unknown if she feels anything else for Butters, however, this gives us the idea that Lola likes complex men who have a strong focus in writing and detail.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

She can be found inside the post office, but won't befriend you until you have 40 friends.


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