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[[Category:4th Graders]]
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[[Category:Possibly deceased]]

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"Lizzy", as she is referred to in the official script, is another female 4th grade student. She debuted in "Hooked on Monkey Phonics" and had a major role in the episode "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000." She and the other girls were competing against the boys in a sledding race. She taunted the boys and called them very sexist terms, such as "Butt Pirates", or "Rump Rangers".

She appeared to die at the end of the episode, when the girls sled went off a cliff and she got dragged off by a bear, though she has been seen in numerous cameos since then: As part of Cartman's congregation in "Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?"/"Probably", on a roller coaster and standing in the back of the crowd watching Cartman begging for his money back in "Cartmanland", in the crowd at the end of "Proper Condom Use", sitting behind Kenny McCormick on the roller coaster in "Best Friends Forever", and on the swings in several playground shots.

Fan-based speculation

The fact that she died and came back, as well as the fact that she wore her parka over her head throughout the entire episode, also having a 5 letter name ending in a y with a 2 repeating consanant letter before it and that she had such a sexually advanced vocabulary makes her sort of like a female version of Kenny McCormick. It's not known whether or not the studio did this on purpose, it may have been a coincidence that the writers did not notice. In favor of the possibility of it being unintentional is the fact that Kenny's parka covers his entire face except for his eyes, whereas Lizzy's parka is untied at the bottom, exposing her mouth and chin area. In addition to that; after the bear carried her offscreen, it's not confirmed whether or not the bear really killed her. In "Jewbilee", a bear (possibly the same one) carried several young children offscreen in its mouth in exactly the same way, but it was later shown that the bear did not harm the children and was instead bringing them to her cub's birthday party. So it is possible that the bear that grabbed Lizzy was not going to hurt her.

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