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This is a list of characters from the nineteenth season of South Park.

200 pregnant Mexican women

S19E01 200 Pregnant Mexicans.jpg

Main article: 200 pregnant Mexican women

200 pregnant Mexican women invade the PC Delta in "Stunning and Brave".

Asian girls


Main article: Asian girls

A group of Asian girls appears in "Tweek x Craig".

Brian Boyant


Main article: Brian Boyant

Brian Boyant is an insurance salesman who appears in "Sponsored Content".

Canadian President


Main article: Canadian President

The Canadian President, who bears a striking resemblance to Donald Trump, appears in "Where My Country Gone?".



Main article: Charlotte

Charlotte is Butters' girlfriend in "Where My Country Gone?

Child labor force


Main article: Child labor force

The child labor force is a team that Tuong Lu Kim recruits to work at City Wok in "The City Part of Town".



Main article: Classi

Classi is a prostitute-for-hire who appears in "PC Principal Final Justice".

David Rodriguez


Main article: David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez is a male 4th grader who appeared in "You're Not Yelping".

Demi Lovato


Main article: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is one of the shamed celebrities from "Safe Space".

Gigi Hadid


Main article: Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is one of the shamed celebrities from "Safe Space".

Girl with pink coat

Girl with Pink Coat.png

Main article: Girl with pink coat

The girl with pink coat appears frequently throughout Season Nineteen when Leslie Meyers is often seen talking to her.

Jimmy Fallon


Main article: Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is a talk show host who mocks South Park in "The City Part of Town".

Leslie Meyers


Main article: Leslie Meyers

Leslie Meyers is a 4th grade girl and the main antagonist of Season Nineteen. She first appeared in "Where My Country Gone?".

Mr. Stkrdknmibalz


Main article: Mr. Stkrdknmibalz

Mr. Stkrdknmibalz is the Canadian Language teacher in "Where My Country Gone?".



Main article: Newsmen

The Newsmen are a group of news reporters who appear in "Sponsored Content".

PC bros


Main article: PC bros

The PC bros are a group of politically correct people who first appear in "Stunning and Brave".



Main article: Reality

Reality is a pro-shaming activist who appears in "Safe Space".

SoDoSoPa Ninjas


Main article: SoDoSoPa Ninjas

The SoDoSoPa Ninjas are a group the boys made in "Naughty Ninjas".

Steven Seagal


Main article: Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is one of the shamed celebrities from "Safe Space".

Syrian refugee children

S19E01 Syrian Refugee Children.jpg

Main article: Syrian refugee children

Syrian refugee children invade the PC Delta in "Stunning and Brave".

Vin Diesel


Main article: Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is one of the shamed celebrities from "Safe Space".

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