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The Terrance and Phillip Show is a show that runs on The Canada Channel, a fictional and the only TV channel in Canada. It was previously on Cartoon Central. It stars two Canadian actors, Terrance and Phillip. It is very popular among the students at South Park Elementary. The show consists of fart jokes, which many adults, and later the girls of South Park Elementary, don't find amusing. It was cancelled twice: in "Death" and in "Eat, Pray, Queef" to make room for The Queef Sisters. According to "Crème Fraiche", it is back on the air. Katherine Queef appears in this episode, most likely meaning that the Queef sisters will most likely be part of the show. The Terrance and Phillip show has had two movies, Asses of Fire and Asses of Fire 2, and One made for TV movie, Not Without my anus. Terrance and Phillip performed their most famous sketches live in "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow".

Image South Park Episode Terrance and Phillip Episode Original Airdate Description
"Death" "Pull My Thumb Sketch" September 17, 1997 Phillip thinks he has to fart. Before he does, Terrance tells him to pull his thumb. Phillip does and Terrance farts.
"Death" "Fart Sketch" September 17, 1997 Phillip farts on Terrance because Terrance farted on him. They both laugh. Then, Terrance gives Phillip a "two-lip" because Phillip said he wanted a flower. Phillip then partially knocks of Terrance's head and calls him a stupid dick. Terrance calls him an asshole and they both laugh.
"Death" "Beans Sketch" September 17, 1997 Terrance asks Phillip if he wants beans. Terrance then says that the beans are making him gassy and he farts on Phillip. Phillip calls him an asshole and they both laugh.
"Death" "Outer Space Sketch" September 17, 1997 Terrance and Phillip are both in outer space in their spacesuits. Phillip asks what color the wind is, leading Terrance to fart on him. Terrance then asks him if he knows what his spacesuit smells like, and farts on Phillip again. They both then fart and laugh.
"Death" "Penny Sketch" September 17, 1997 Terrance asks Phillip if there is a penny in his butt. Phillip says he's check. Although the TV turns off, it is highly likely that Terrance farted on him.
"Starvin' Marvin" "The Terrance and Phillip Thanksgiving Special" November 19, 1997 Terrance and Phillip land their ship and decide that it would be a great place to start their own colony. Terrance farts on Phillip and they both laugh.
"Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus" "Not Without My Anus" April 1, 1998 Click here for the whole plot. This episode of the Terrance and Phillip show is an entire South Park episode.
"Chickenpox" "Ass Doctor Sketch" August 26, 1998 Phillip goes to Doctor Terrance only to find out that he has ass cancer. Phillip is confused, so Terrance shows him an x-ray of his ass. He points out the bones is his ass, and the line where his ass is collapsing. Scared, Phillip asks he won't be able to fart anymore. Terrance says he can't live anymore. They then both laugh and fart.
"Spookyfish" "The Terrance and Phillip Halloween Special" October 28, 1998 Terrance and Phillip are both dressed up as ghosts. Phillip farts. Terrance tells him that the fart was absolutely ghoulish and they start stabbing each other and laughing.
"Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!" "Fart Present Sketch" December 9, 1998 Phillip gives Terrance a present for it is the season of sharing. When Terrance opens it, Phillip farts on him. They then laugh.
"Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!" "Rudolph Sketch" December 9, 1998 Terrance goes up to Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and farts in its face. Its nose glows, and Terrance and Phillip both laugh. Phillip then goes up and does they same thing, and they laugh again. Then Terrance does it, then Phillip. Terrance then lets out a juicy fart, causing the reindeer to back up a little. Phillip then goes up to it and they laugh.
Asses of fire
"South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" "Asses of Fire" June 30, 1999 This is a movie rather than an episode. At the beginning, it contains a music number called "Uncle Fucka", and ends with Terrance lighting his fart on fire and burning to death.
"Timmy 2000" "Fart in Face Sketch" April 19, 2000 Terrance is asked what pants Phillip is wearing. When looking to check, Philip farts in Terrance's face. Both start laughing.
"Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow" "Mechanic Sketch" July 18, 2001 Phillip is looking for the mechanic, so he asks Terrance. Terrance answers, but isn't audible due to his loud fart. He then tells Phillip to stick his finger in his butt. Phillip sticks it in his own butt, but then realizes Terrance meant his. Terrance then informs him that he is at the mechanic.
"Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow" "Who Farted Sketch" July 18, 2001 This sketch is performed live in this episode. Phillip asks Terrance who farted and Terrance said he sure did. Phillip then wanted his name. Terrance says "who", and Phillip says the person who passed gas, and Terrance says "Who passed gas" to which Phillip asks why he is asking him. Terrance says that it is the man's name. Phillip says, "That's who's name?" Terrance replies yes.
"The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer" "Asses of Fire 2" April 3, 2002 This is a movie rather than an episode. It is a follow up to "Asses of Fire". A preview says "This summer, Terrance and Phillip will blow you away and words will fly at you really fast." It then shows Terrance and Phillip dressed as cowboys, and Terrance farts. It is based on the book "Worst Smell of the West" according to the preview.
"The Simpsons Already Did It" "Accidental Killing Sketch" June 26, 2002 Terrance meets Phillip in the desert and he gives him a fart. Terrance then confesses that he may have accidentally killed Celine Dion. Phillip says that killing is never an accident, farts, then laughs along with Terrance.
"Cartoon Wars Part II" "Mystery at The 'Lazy J' Ranch" April 12, 2006 Terrance and Phillip are taking a holiday at the Lazy J Ranch, but Terrance's horse has the farts. It farts, like he says. Phillip then sees Muhammad, the holy prophet of the Muslim religion. Muhammad appears on a horse with a censor bar over him that reads "Censored by CBC". He asks how it's going. They say they read all about him in the Qur'an. Muhammad states that he is there to solve the murder.
"Canada on Strike" and "Raising the Bar" "I Fart Huckabees" April 2, 2008 Terrance and Phillip are both dressed as Vikings. Terrance informs Phillip that he bought a new car. Phillip asks Terrance if it runs on electricity, but Terrance replies that it runs on natural gas. He then farts on Phillip and they laugh.
"Eat, Pray, Queef" "Blood Rage: Part 1" April 1, 2009 Terrance farted on the American president, but Phillip took the heat. In the next episode, who Phillip farted on to get out of jail was supposed to be revealed.
"Eat, Pray, Queef" "Blood Rage: Part 2" April 1, 2009 It is a follow up to the previous episode, Blood Rage: Part 1. The episode was canceled in order to show a Queef Sisters Special.
"Crème Fraiche" "Progressive Sketch" November 17, 2010 Phillip and Katherine go to Progressive and ask about insurance. Terrance, dressed as Flo, farts in their faces, leading Phillip wanting to go to Geico instead.
"Crack Baby Athletic Association" "Buddhist Monk Sketch" May 25, 2011 Terrance and Phillip are in some Asian country with a Buddha behind them and they are wearing Martial Arts Robes. Terrance farts on Phillip, but then Phillip sharts on Terrance.
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